Police Logs: May 27-June 1

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Greenfield, May 27

9:20 p.m. — Report a man just shoplifted some cheese from Cumberland Farms on Main Street.

Orange, May 27

11 a.m. — Officer on a truancy call on Mechanic Street, and located a 17-year-old who wasn’t in school today; the youth was spoken with and then transported to school.

5:47 p.m. — Control took a call from a reporting person on East Main Street that her 11-year-old son is out of control; both units responded; the mother was advised of options.

7:39 p.m. — Officer was at a West River Street location on an investigation when he was bitten by a dog.

10:20 p.m. — Officer wanted on West Main Street where the reporting person says her 17-year-old daughter is threatening to leave; officer responded, and after speaking with the girl, she agreed to go to the hospital and speak with a counselor. She was transported to Athol Memorial Hospital.

Orange, May 28

3:38 p.m. — Caller from East River Street reports two people just came to his house demanding to see his electric bill; they appeared to be very pushy solicitors; officer checking the area, but was unable to locate them.

6:13 p.m. — Caller from Pleasant Street reports people downstairs stole six of her packages; she wants them back. No action listed.

6:15 p.m. — Officer wanted on East River Street where there was a report of two solicitors; officer sent again but also unable to locate them.

Greenfield, May 28

2:53 a.m. — Domestic disturbance on Chapman Street where the reporting person says her ex boyfriend was throwing things at her; officers located both people who say there was no physical contact, only an argument. Boyfriend threw bottles against a wall. Both were advised of restraining order options.

5:04 a.m. — Mental health patient who left the hospital without permission was located near Murphy Park on Leyden Road and was returned to Baystate Franklin Medical Center.

9:34 a.m. — Medical emergency reported at the Winslow Building on Wells Street where the officer and fire department found an apparent overdose; CPR was administered, and the person was transported to Baystate Franklin Medical Center.

11:46 a.m. — Threat reported at the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment at Arch Place where a man stated to an employee, “I’m upset, I’m gonna get a gun and shoot someone.” Officer spoke with the man who said he was just very frustrated and doesn’t intend to do anything he stated.

12:29 p.m. — Shoplifting, reported at the Wine Rack on Main Street where a male took a bottle of vodka.

12:32 p.m. — Accident on River Street where a northbound vehicle was forced over against a curb by an oncoming vehicle; the operator said he was able to see the operator of the other vehicle was on the cell phone as he passed.

2:02 p.m. — Accident at Maple and High streets; officers and fire department responded; two vehicles but no injuries reported; one vehicle towed.

3:51 p.m. — Traffic stop on Chapman Street at Chapman Court; arrested Codie Kratt, 20, of Spruce Street, Greenfield, charged with possession of heroin.

4:29 p.m. — Traffic stop on Maple and Federal streets where the officer stopped two bicycles for failure to stop at a stop sign.

8:06 p.m. — Caller from the DuMont Corporation on Wells Street reports three young males were hanging out on the property and shouldn’t be there; officers sent, and the people were moved along and advised about trespassing.

Montague, May 28

2:04 p.m. — Caller from Avenue A in area of the Crocker Building reports that someone slashed one of her front tires.

2:47 p.m. — Vehicle reported all over the road on Turnpike Road at Sandy Lane; the vehicle was stopped and a verbal warning was issued when the operator stated she was lighting a cigarette, dropped it, and nearly started a fire in her vehicle.

Montague, May 29

9:06 a.m. — Caller from the apartment building on Avenue A reports she was just involved in a physical altercation with the tenant who lives in the apartment next to hers; officers found the people involved were arguing over ongoing issues; both were advised of options.

Greenfield, May 29

12:55 a.m. — Caller from Aster Court reports she woke up to somebody trying to break into her house; officers checked that area, but no one found.

2:13 p.m. — Caller from Old Albany Road reports five or six carloads of kids that are going to skateboard down South Shelburne Road, and she believes this is a traffic hazard; officer sent and found they were adults who were packing up to leave upon my arrival.

2:54 p.m. — The hot dog guy on Main Street reports a two-vehicle accident at Court Square; officer sent, and found no injuries reported, but a citation was issued.

3:38 p.m. — Domestic disturbance on Phillips Street, where the caller says people are screaming at each other and throwing items out of the window, which almost hit her toddler; officer spoke with all those involved; the female is intoxicated; peace was restored.

5:51 p.m. — Caller from Federal Street reports his neighbors are standing outside, videotaping him; officer spoke with the caller and the neighbor, and they were both advised.

6:02 p.m. — Caller from Bayberry Court reports three or four kids, about 7 to 8 years old, are throwing rocks.

6:27 p.m. — Reporting person from Harris Court reported that earlier today a neighbor told her 8-year-old daughter that the reporting person is fat and nasty; later the neighbor and the neighbor’s son went to the reporting person’s apartment and called her names; caller advised about how to obtain a harassment prevention order.

6:36 p.m. — Assault or assault and battery; man reports he was beaten by several people on French King Highway; officers investigated at a homeless camp; spoke with the reporting person who stated he was knocked to the ground and punched and strangled by two males at the camp; there were minor apparent injuries; officers located three males in the area, under investigation.

7:09 p.m. — Caller from Buckley Healthcare Center where an employee reports combative resident who is hitting staff members; officers responded, and MedCare called, and the person was transported to Baystate Franklin Medical Center for mental health evaluation.

9:13 p.m. — Report of an accident by Robbins Memorial Church at Munson Street where the caller says a motorcycle was dumped going around the corner there; the operator was slurring words and seems intoxicated; people helped him move the motorcycle to the side of the road and he is attempting to start it; when officer arrived the bike was gone, but it was then located in Deerfield by police there, acting on Shelburne Control notification.

10:15 p.m. — Request that officer check on a person at Heather Court; officer reached the person who stated she was OK, and her boyfriend was drunk and upset, but is no longer there, and he didn’t harm her.

11:13 p.m. — Domestic disturbance on Hope Street; officer responded and after investigation, arrested Ayla Kateri Pierzchala, 25, of Hope Street, Greenfield, on a warrant, and for assault and battery, (domestic) and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, malicious destruction of property, intimidating a witness, and with assault and battery on a person 60 or over or disabled, with injury.

Orange, May 29

3:24 p.m. — A resident of Leisure Woods reports people soliciting for electric business; officer sent, and located three people, spoke to them, and sent them on their way.

3:50 p.m. — Report of two-car accident on East Main Street; two people transported to Athol Memorial Hospital, one vehicle towed, report filed.

4:30 p.m. — Shelburne Control took a report of youths running around the neighborhood with BB guns; both units checked the area, and found five boys playing with air soft toy guns; they were advised of the complaint, and told to make sure they play on their own property.

6:15 p.m. — Walk-in at the station reports a threat made toward her by an ex-boyfriend; report taken.

7:20 p.m. — Motor vehicle violation stop on New Athol Road where the officer stopped the vehicle for a small child, found to be age 2, who wasn’t in a car seat, and was standing in the backseat area; citation issued.

Montague, May 29

10:24 a.m. — Suspicious activity reported on Unity Street led to arrest of Denise M. Strakose-Hagen, 44, of Mill Street, Greenfield, charged with possession of Class A drug, and possession of Class B drug.

10:24 p.m. — Caller from Avenue A reports hearing yelling and what sounds like “slapping,” and possibly coming from one of two apartments; officers sent and found it was a verbal argument only.

11:31 p.m. — Caller from Mormon Hollow Road reports what she thought was a car driving at high rate of speed past her house and then heard screeching tires; officer checking but found no sign of the vehicle.

Greenfield, May 30

8:53 a.m. — Caller from Power Square reports the upstairs neighbor is “freaking out.” Officer found her to be in an altered state, so she was transported by an officer to Baystate Franklin Medical Center to get medical treatment.

4:33 p.m. — Report of a minor two-car accident on Bernardston Road.

6:32 p.m. — Jody Rattigan, 48, of Turners Falls, was arrested on a warrant.

7:03 p.m. — Report of a minor two-car accident at Davis and Cleveland streets.

Montague, May 30

9:05 a.m. — Caller from Turnpike Road reports that this morning she discovered that her birdfeeders were destroyed in her yard and suspects a bear was there overnight.

11:10 a.m. — Caller from the Head Start school reports a suspicious van parked outside school since before she arrived. Concerned it may be related to a restraining order. Caller advised to have children go back inside, officers sent. Subject is in a band and is sick, staying in the van so he won’t get other members sick. Moved the van down the street.

12:58 p.m. — Great Falls Middle School, 222 Turnpike Road. Caller on behalf of the principal and vice principal requesting removal of a student. Student is in the doorway of the cafeteria refusing to move and has threatened that if anyone touches him he will “stomp them in the head.” Peace restored, student was advised.

1:04 p.m. — Avenue A caller found a syringe in her garden, requests an officer to dispose of it. Item retrieved.

2:58 p.m. — Caller advises a school transport van tailgated him into Turners Falls from Turners Falls Road in Greenfield.

4:36 p.m. — Traffic stop on Avenue A. While speaking to the driver a passenger fled. In custody, officer walking path male fled for anything that may have been discarded. Thomas Berry, 35, of 6 Chestnut St., Apt. 1, arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

7:50 p.m. — West Main Street, Millers Falls, caller reports her Playstation and games stolen from apartment by named party. Playstation and all but one game later returned; states one of her friends found it somewhere, she just does not know where.

Montague, May 31

7:58 p.m. — Caller reports a male party crashed his motorized bicycle on the Gill side of the bridge. Ambulance advised.

8:28 p.m. — Fourth Street caller states that a 3-year-old boy just came out of an apartment with butcher knives in his hand.

8:58 p.m. — Traffic stop leads to arrest. Scooter towed. Jimmy M. Hastings, 40, of 34 Randall Road arrested and charged with possession of Class B, Class E and Class A drugs, failure to wear a helmet on a scooter and operating on a suspended license, a subsequent offense.

Orange May 30

1:46 a.m. — Domestic disturbance on Pine Hill Road, where Control says an open 911 call came in, and they later advised they can hear a female yelling at someone about pointing a gun; a female then was heard yelling at someone to put it down; line disconnected; officers arrived, and after investigation, a weapon was secured and a male was taken into custody; arrested was Scott D. Haverty, 60, of Pine Hill Road, Orange, charged with assault with a dangerous weapon.

Greenfield, May 31

1:02 a.m. — Responded to a disturbance involving a large crowd on Fiske Avenue. Five officers responded and were able to restore the peace.

6:31 a.m. — Responded to Aster Court for a domestic disturbance. A woman reported that her boyfriend threw a small china cabinet at her, and pushed her to the ground. Officers were unable to locate him.

7:26 a.m. — A Grove Street caller reported that someone may have stolen his Ruger 9mm handgun from under his pillow. The gun was found outside the residence and taken as evidence. Officers will follow up.

10:04 a.m. — A caller from Ford and Toyota of Greenfield reported that the mirror of a new Toyota Prius was broken off while it was parked in the lot.

3:27 p.m. — A West Street caller reported that she was involved in an argument with another female over dog poop, which the other person refused to pick up. Officers could not locate the dog or the owner.

5:50 p.m. — Beech Street caller reports disturbance. Spoke with the homeowner, they will lower the music. They are celebrating their son’s graduation.

7:40 p.m. — Despondent male subject looking for a ride to the hospital. Subject went with ambulance.

8:23 p.m. — Assisting other agency, checking bridges for possible suicidal person. Bridges checked, negative results.

11:10 p.m. — High Street caller reports four underage boys drinking, carrying open containers and putting “for sale” signs on her lawn because they know it is her daughter’s 16th birthday party tonight. Possibly at McDonald’s. Several signs returned to original locations.

11:51 p.m. — Female into the police station lobby reporting a male in her vehicle who is refusing to get out. Observed a party in the parking lot get into the driver’s seat and leave. Female confirmed the male party is Santos Bones. Stopped for revoked license. Bones, 26, of 57 Central St., Turners Falls, arrested and charged with operating after license revoked, possession of a Class B drug, subsequent offense.

Greenfield, June 1

1:44 a.m. — Caller states there is an unconscious male party in front of the Miles Street Hotel, 12 Miles St., who caller believes has been involved in an ongoing disturbance of yelling and fighting inside apartment all afternoon. Breath test result of .233 blood alcohol concentration. Party transported by ambulance.

2:11 a.m. — Traffic stop on High Street leads to arrest of David K. Appolon, 22, of Kingston, arrested on a warrant, additionally charged with unlicensed operation, speeding.

3:19 a.m. — Report of a male party yelling and screaming, at one point apparently laying in street. Party was looking for a friend. He was sent on his way without incident.

7:32 a.m. — Report of a male urinating in front of Brad’s Place, Main Street. Spoke with subject. Same provided information stating possible urinary tract infection causing uncontrollable sudden onset urination. Same was advised public areas should be avoided.

11:52 a.m. — Ambulance requested on Davis Street, injured bicyclist taken to hospital.

Montague, June 1

11:46 a.m. — Greenfield Police Department advises they received a phone report from a male returned home to Greenfield from Unity Park in Turners Falls, concerned by presence of a man with a holstered gun in the park. No specific complaint, just concerned that it was legal. Unable to locate anyone matching description.

11:02 a.m. — Overdose, Harrison Avenue address. Child was taken to hospital after taking several handfuls of Tylenol.

11:52 a.m. — Ambulance requested on Davis Street, injured bicyclist taken to hospital.

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