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Letter: Gas pipeline wrong direction

Recently, New England governors made news calling for rate payers to fund more “transmission lines” (pipelines) for natural gas under our rivers and through our woods. Gas companies are already contacting people in the valley to run pipes through their property. Fabulous! Forward into the past!

Doesn’t seem to matter that so-called “natural” gas is a fossil fuel that emits methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Nor does it seem to matter to our leadership if New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and the Midwest turn their land into Swiss cheese, fracking the heck out of it, and releasing toxic waste water and chemicals into their wells and streams. It seems OK with us in New England if the process to get this “clean, natural” product creates numerous well-documented earthquakes where there never or rarely were any, earthquakes that compromise the integrity of wells and water.

There is nothing clean or natural about fracking.

It is madness to keep investing economic ($2 billion is one estimate for these new pipelines), technological and political capital into these outdated, environment damaging fossil fuels.

We cannot keep expanding our capacity if we know we need to decrease our dependency.

Some will say drilling for more gas is a “bridge” to the future. At best it is a time consuming detour, at worst it is a gangplank.

Sustainable technologies already exist to begin replacing fossil fuels. Solar and wind power is only getting cheaper. Making our transportation, buildings and communities more energy efficient will be both cost effective in the long run and make our towns and city life more enjoyable. What we need is commitment and focus, not detours that lead us backward.

We can access sustainable resources here at home, instead of piping them in from elsewhere. This is the real bridge to the future.



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