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239 years later, look what we have. Sad. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Reason to celebrate since 1776

Kinder Morgan's behavior has been deceptive, disingenuous and disrespectful on every occasion where they have promised their form letter language, stating "open and transparent". Saying that doesn't make it true: in fact it's an Orwellian propaganda tactic. If their investors could see what we have experienced its a wonder they ever got any business at all. Northfield shouldn't waste time: there are resources that will be far more informative. ...(full comment)

Northfield rejects meeting with Kinder Morgan prior to scoping session

I was there in spirit. Thank you all ...(full comment)

‘We still can’t find refuge’: Community supports S.C. church shooting victims with vigil

Thank you to Douglas. Though I could understand the young union worker's frustration at seeing so much evidence weighing in against a potential job providing project (though a look a previous Kinder Morgan pipelines tell us to not count them until contracts - not just agreements - are signed), I couldn't understand what she thought she had heard those of us opposing the project saying. I've been a supporter of unions all my life (and a member of UFCW myself for 7 years). We have at least a few members of LiUNA and some other unions among the anti-pipeline ranks because they see the damage these projects would cause to the communities we all call home. Several others attending Kinder Morgan Open Houses have privately said they wish they were working on solar instead for the sake of their kids' safety. We've been advocating for jobs in existing pipeline repair, energy efficiency and clean energy the entire time we've been opposing the pipeline. We've been going to state hearings and chiming in plans that would expand jobs in those sectors. We want them to be local union laborers! ...(full comment)

Letter: Anti-labor? Not at all

All of us support unions. We are also mindful of the horrible conditions this will create for IBEW workers. We recall last Thanksgiving when crews were working in the cold and dark over several days time fixing downed power lines. This is live voltage: in fact, our town and others along the route have multiple sets of live voltage. When these lines go down this requires extraordinary skill. Now imagine that job in the presence of massive quantities of flamable gas, with no mercaptin to warn of leaks and absolutely no means of detecting a leak in the dark. I felt badly for that young lady. We are not the enemy, nor are we denying her a job. She might feel differently if she were forced to live with her children and loved ones near that much gas in the presence of that much electricity in an incineration zone. Or if the complete value of her home was going to be compromised so the already obscenely wealthy could take life time's work by lying and stealing. ...(full comment)

Letter: Anti-labor? Not at all

In 2004, vehicle miles traveled peaked and, for the first year since World War II, Americans began driving less. By 2011, Americans drove 6% fewer miles per year than they were in 2004. One third of Americans don’t drive at all. https://www.facebook.com/TJusticeFC ...(full comment)

Letter: Use the bus Thursday

He was a moderate, "Gypsy Moth Republican" the kind that have been clubbed to death like baby seals by today's Tea Party and extreme right wing GOPers. ...(full comment)

Former state rep., public servant Walter Kostanski dies at age 91

Yes, yes, and the bottom line here is "the pressure to meet shipping deadlines." All of these dangers and risks are to benefit a corporation that is shipping the gas out of the country. There is no local benefit here, NONE. Only risks. UNACCEPTABLE! ...(full comment)

Northfield officials report on Pa. compressor visit

Sounds like a great idea! ...(full comment)

Editorial: Lost cause becomes creative opportunity

"Level of a normal conversation" means you would have to raise your voice to be heard over it. That may be fine next to traffic on a busy road, but what about in a rural area, at night, with no traffic? It would stand out clearly against such a quiet background. While I appreciate the research done here, why are we even considering measurements of a compressor less than half the size, taken with a cell phone? Surely Kinder-Morgan can give us their estimate of the noise from the behemoth they are proposing here. The complacency of Northfield town officials is becoming obvious, despite the clear mandate from residents who voted overwhelmingly to oppose the pipeline. Windsor, the other town chosen to "host" a compressor station, was well-represented at the Berkshire Gas meeting in Greenfield this week, while Northfield was noticeably absent. ...(full comment)

Northfield officials report on Pa. compressor visit

Angie Ruggeri, 8th grade teacher, created such an innovative and engaging lesson on engineering. Her dedication to all 8th grade students should be applauded! Weeks of preparation and hours of hard work she put in made a lesson enjoyable and memorable for the kids. She is a teacher who makes a difference in her students lives, and the community! ...(full comment)

VIDEO: Greenfield’s cardboard boat race makes a big splash

Fox news is owned by Rupert Murdoch, an Australian. Nearly all of the media we read or watch are owned by the .01%, and as your response idicates, they have been very successful in dividing our nation against each other with labels like "red" and "blue", or "liberal" or "conservative" and making sure the two factions don't communicate, and that they resent each other. Meanwhile, while everyone's divided, the interests of both factions are being eroded as the U.S. is sinking in most measureable standards of quality of life, economic viablity, employment, infant mortality, etc. Divide and conquer is a classic strategy, and it has worked brilliantly for wealthy interests who have confiscated over half of our nation's wealth and income over the past forty years, while demanding ever shrinking accountability or contribution to the nation as a whole. If you are buying their labels and angry at the other side, you are doing exactly what these interests intend, and shooting yourself in the foot- and your children. ...(full comment)

Letter: Strong support for FOX News

This type of tree management has been going on in Greenfield for years. I never found out why they cut all the beautiful evergreens behind the library - that blocked the ugly view of traffic and parking lots by Federal St. If they claim it costs so much (ridiculous claims) to plant trees, then they should be a LOT more careful about cutting them down. ...(full comment)

Letter: Better tree management needed in Greenfield