Dude! You are bit asking for acceptance, you are demanding conformity. ...(full comment)

Letter: Pushing liberal agenda

Mr. Ortiz, You are confusing climate with weather. Weather fluctuates from day to day such as daily temperatures and precipitation variances. Climate is weather conditions prevailing in an area in general or over a long period such as the tropical monsoons of central and east Asia. This is not a liberal or conservation issue. It's one of science. ...(full comment)

Letter: Climate change vs. global warming

Exxon knew about this, and validated this, decades ago: which means that every single administration has known about this for decades, and delayed and delayed, and delayed, while repealing Glass Steagall and developing policies that mobilize wealth into the hands of a very, very few individuals in mind-numbing numbers, off shore. In case you can't put it together, the term "grabbing the lifeboats" is a good metaphor: Unless voters wake up and stop being divided, deluded and conquered, our children are not going to be on the survival list. In elite circles, population control (elimination) is a topic. ...(full comment)

Gran/My Turn: Climate needs commitment

Isn't collective punishment a war crime? Way to go Charlie Baker, just like Hitler and Netanyahu. ...(full comment)

Baker says no to Syrian refugees in Massachusetts

this does not work. I just wasted a dollar ...(full comment)

FBI eyes Greenfield school food dept.

I am a National Grid customer currently on the waiting list for the Net Metering Cap to be lifted. In my opinion, if we don't get these caps lifted now, many people on the waiting list will abandon their projects. This will happen because the 30% Federal tax credit is set to expire at the end of 2016. Without that incentive, the solar systems payback just doesn't work. It is simple math! In addition to that, many area jobs in the solar installation business will be lost. ...(full comment)

Lawmakers grapple with details of solar law

Melissa Click as a communication prof should know the law. She should lose her job. There is no excuse for her actions of intimidation. The groups were on public land and had no right to block access to anyone. As for the press, the problem is bias and the protection of the views they hold. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Protest puts focus on rights, media

You can go on believing that you are Rambo, but, I am amazed people still recycle this tired old argument. There is no data to prove your belief. Evidence will show that it is more likely that you will shoot yourself with your own gun or that someone else will take it and shoot you with it. ...(full comment)

Letter: Armed citizenry

I'm with Gimli. Enough is enough. This may be the last hurrah for Democracy when a nation's "leaders" start voting for corporate "investor state trubunals" that trump U.S. law, and can over ride public health, environmental laws if a corporation is hindered in its "profits": that is what TPP seeks to do. NO. ...(full comment)

Newman/My Turn: Catching Sanders fever

Anyone who believes in an "armed citizenry" should move to Afghanistan, Syria or Iraq. You'll feel right at home. ...(full comment)

Letter: Armed citizenry

About time we had a "My Turn" piece that was not authored by Dan Brown or another radical. Dan - stay out west. Collect more water. Write to your local paper. We're still sick of hearing from you. ...(full comment)

Clarke/My Turn: Our ungrateful generation

total crap. and when you wrote a nice letter about my people (native americans or Indians as we like to be called) remember most of the wall st are demos and give big money to clinton ...(full comment)

Clarke/My Turn: Our ungrateful generation

Play by the rules? Show me how Wall Street and vote-suppressing Tea Party Republicans "play by the rules" as they rig the economy and our government for the benefit of themselves and themselves only. ...(full comment)

Clarke/My Turn: Our ungrateful generation