Every single POTW in this country has to deal with this problem. Virtually all use bar screening or a conveyor-belt 'screen' system to remove solids so junk isn't allowed to get into the plant and damage sensors, pipes, and pumping equipment, often combined with a macerator/shredder. I'm surprised that Deerfield has managed to get away without a bar screen for this long. They should very seriously consider the purchase of a Muffin Monster. It is a relatively new technology and may in fact diminish or eliminate the need for bar screening in lower-flow plants. ...(full comment)

Sticky situation: Wet wipes gumming up Deerfield’s wastewater plant

Attendees should be educated on both sides of the pipeline issue. They are only going to get the industries very slanted view of the situation. No media? What are they afraid of? They are afraid of being put on the record and having their info intelligently and honestly disputed. ...(full comment)

Kinder Morgan, Franklin County Chamber of Commerce organize meeting on pipeline for businesses

Hopefully the organizers of this event will provide an equal opportunity for these individuals to have an equally informative event about other options and local concerns. ...(full comment)

Kinder Morgan, Franklin County Chamber of Commerce organize meeting on pipeline for businesses

I must not be awake yet Tom, I will revisit your comment later... Maybe then it will make sense. ...(full comment)

Letter: What’s going on

Marijuana has not been illegal under state law since 1911. The 1911 law required a prescription from a physician (sound familiar) before it could be purchased at an apothecary. It was quickly amended to restore relatively low dose medicines to over the counter status. P.S. There is a better way to regulate marijuana than treat it like alcohol, ...(full comment)

Questions 5, 6 also on Franklin County voters’ radar

This school is a great option for parents who have children that the teachers don't want to teach in the regular public school settings. My son was on medicine and being told to give him more when I finally heard of MAVA. He also had a 504 plan in place. He would have required accommodations for any MCAS testing in the public school settings because he was so unable to stay focused on what he was doing. Within one month of having him in MAVA, in 3rd grade he was only on the minimal dose of his medicine and only taking it on Fridays. The day I helped him with math and we did tests. By the end of last year 3rd grade, he took the MCAS alone. Yes I was nervous for his grades. But he did great. He not only took the test with no accommodations, but he also passed English with proficient. And was only 2 points below that with MATH. I was shocked to see that he did this all by himself. He has changed so much since he saw he could do it. He has more confidence. I say measure that in when you are saying this school is level 3. Also keep in mind that NOONE wrote anywhere what really happened. Try finding out how many students were in the school last year, and how many of them actually took the MCAS test. from what I heard there were a lot of kids who did not make it at all. some medical reasons, and others because of the lack of transportation to the testing sites. I wonder what the actual MCAS score was if you only averaged the scores that were completed. Because averaging all those zeros for people who didnt test, is quite unfair to those of us who worked so very hard to get the grades we did. ...(full comment)

Virtual School faces probation

As I read all the letters to the editor concerning this race, those endorsing Rep. Kulik are all part of the Democratic machine in the valley. You had leaders of state agencies, selectman and other integral members of the status quo. Twenty years is a long time. Mr. Kulik should have some power after all that time in office, but when do you leave and provide an opportunity for another person to participate in the process? I will vote for a change and I will be voting for Dylan Korpita. ...(full comment)

Korpita: State government needs to be more proactive

Regulate and tax marijuana not like alcohol, but regulate its cultivation and commerce in it by persons over the age of 21, in the same manner as laws that apply to the cultivation and sale of fruits, vegetables and herbs; such a law would (i) require persons covered by the law to take steps to prevent access to growing plants and marijuana by minors under the age of 18, (ii) punish distribution among and to such minors, (iii) retain for minors the civil offense of possessing one ounce or less of marijuana, and (iv) make no change to existing laws regarding driving while under the influence, and “drug-free” schools. ...(full comment)

Decisions facing Franklin County heading to the polls

It is time for new energy and for someone who is willing to ask questions! Dylan Korpita has my support on November 4th. ...(full comment)

Korpita: State government needs to be more proactive

The Schell Memorial Bridge is a heritage structure. It deserves to be a small state park dedicated to our nation's civil engineer heritage. ( Yes, the state should spend some of money outside of Boston. ) The bike-ped bridge will be pale cipher next to the grandeur of the historic Schell. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Clearing up bridge ownership

so there's enough fuel but we in MA can't access it? if more pipeline means averting future crisis we should all be in favor. ...(full comment)

New lobbying group to run ads for gas pipeline

Well said and well written. Thanks for sharing this! Sincerely, Daniel A. Brown Taos, NM ...(full comment)

Letter: What’s possible

I would also like to see a space there that could be rented out for parties, functions, weddings, etc. That would nicely complement the new hotel above Wilson's, and out-of-town guests could also utilize the new train station nearby. There are not a lot of large venues for this purpose in the area, especially that are situated in a downtown, transit-oriented setting. ...(full comment)

What will be next act for the bank?