If you watch your caller ID, the telemarketers sometimes show up as Rhajastan. Is there a Rhajastan, MA? Local jobs? HA. ...(full comment)

Eiseman/My Turn: The pipeline PR pitch

Thank you, Kerry ~ ...(full comment)

Letter: Not buying that flag

Congrats to all involved. Inspired. ...(full comment)

First day of (new) school: Shiny new Greenfield High School opens its doors

Bluebird, I appreciate your concern but in overall radiation terms smart meters are nothing compared to cell phones, and are effectively lost in background radiation. The benefits of smart meters may or may not justify their cost. Health effects shouldn't come into the argument. ...(full comment)

Eversource and National Grid file modernization plans

They are also on Route 2 between Turners and Greenfield. ...(full comment)

State erects wrong signs for train in Greenfield

Oh, for god's sake. ...(full comment)

Letter: Unwarranted support

We had better not have to pay for that. ...(full comment)

State erects wrong signs for train in Greenfield

More info, please. How does a sexual harassment suit close a goldmine of a restaurant? Whose paying for the Honda clean-up? ...(full comment)

Hampshire County Briefs

Errr, no. That is not a "large" portion. It is A portion. It is particularly of concern to people who live near proposed compressor stations. But I think of greater concern, for them and everyone else, is the damage to the environment, including particularly the farms and rivers; the safety concerns, which are particularly relevant due to Kinder-Morgan's terrible safety record; the annexation of both private and public land for a much less than worthy cause; the higher rates and/or fees that will passed on to the utility customers to pay for the pipeline; the dirty tricks being employed by the gas and pipeline companies to convince us the pipeline is for our benefit and not to line their own pockets with cash when they sell overseas for high profits; the mess they'll of our lives while they're building the thing; poor air quality to due venting, leaking, and possibly explosions; hmm, shall I continue...? ...(full comment)

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Eversource and National Grid file modernization plans

Smart meters emit frequencies which in some countries are required to be at very low levels due to health consequences. NOT HERE: In Worcestor, MA, these "smart" meters were installed without informed consent, and this was an experiment conducted on people living in poverty without their consent. The frequencies were set at very high levels. This is medical experimentation by power companies. It is further a violation of privacy. The public is being deliberately kept in the dark about this, and these companies have actively frustrated laws that protect the public, in favor of obscene profit. ...(full comment)

Eversource and National Grid file modernization plans

I recently bought Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals recipe book, so I got a huge list of healthy recipes that helps me and my husband stay fit. Oh, and my children love them. :) You can peek into the book at ...(full comment)

The new chef at Champney’s at Deerfield Inn is loving country cooking

Berkshire Gas is owned by a Spanish conglomerate -Iberdrola- they bought into NED pipeline to pump fracked gas out Canadian Maritimes, to sell it in Europe and raise your rates here. The people who answer the phones here are nice at Berkshire Gas. Big picture: Berkshire Gas is Euro-owned. They bought in to NED proposed pipeline by TGP/Kinder Morgan to get the gas out of US-faster and more- to their huge European customer base- off US soil. Europe pays higher rates than here, $6.93 as of July 2015. That is 2X US pricing. NED line WILL pump it out, make 2x the profit for Berkshire Gas' parent Iberdrola, make "shortages" & again, declare a false moratorium on new service. They will to raise your rates here saying there is not enough to go around-because they will send it to European market. Read: They started with the moratorium this past winter to scare people into thinking we have need for more - to make you think they cannot serve more customers. BOGO, baby, for Berkshire Gas, not you. Make sure your consumer rights are not being violated by a false moratorium created to make it look like we need the NED pipeline. Citizens must rise up and be heard. Call Senate President Stan Rosenberg's Office at 617-722-1532. Go to his meeting at GCC on Sept. 10, starting at 6. Understand the full impact- locally - of a proposed pipeline here that does not actually supply more gas here. It pumps it to a loop where it then goes to Canada, then to Europe. It is for export. The NED pipeline fails to serve the customers here that Berkshire Gas has stated cannot be served unless they get capacity. The proposed interstate transmission line is not even designed for actual increased service right here in Greenfield. It serves Spanish Owned, Iberdrola, who owns Berkshire, to get more gas out of US- Europe and then it let's them raise your prices at home in cold New England. By taking your neighbor's land, wrecking vital rivers and making it all prone to explosion, across your neighbor's farm lands with 30% thinner pipes with lesser quality and fewer welds, siting under 91, under rail roads, in rural flood zones and in your neighbor's yards- after a massive clear cut of 150 feet of trees that prevent hillside erosion and make our air cleaner, yes: a massive, state-wide clear cut across our state-that will be maintained with toxics in perpetuity-even in farmer's fields. We will become a chemical dump, collateral damage for and lands that are protected . #3 big oil/gas Kinder Morgan (behind Exxon and Chevron) wants to ensure that you will pay more for your Berkshire Gas in perpetuity. Please read and act. Go to GCC on Sept 10th, 6 pm. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Berkshire Gas should lift its moratorium