ENRON: and the push for gas exports to benefit private wealth. ...(full comment)

Editorial: State should be protecting ratepayers

Their company was recently purchased by Spanish giant Iberdrola. Prior to that, it spent 20 million in a failed attempt to purchase a Philadelphia company. (see Hartford Courant) It seems that lust for money is the only real policy, and pipelines are a means of stripping wealth away from hardworking Americans. If we are wise, as a state, we will stand up to this atrocity. This has no benefit whatsoever to our communiities, and there are other options, like Distrigas, that Sunderland companies can choose that will save lives now and in the future. ...(full comment)

Berkshire Gas extends freeze to Sunderland

This is obscene. Tearing up five square miles of MA pristine conservation and private land, forcing neighborhoods to live in incineration zones near the cheapest, flimsiest possible pipeline, operating under enormous pressure, and near live voltage. Running through drinking water supplies. Berkshire could fix their leaky existing pipes and stop cheating ratepayers. They could also engage in programs that conserve. They are fine squandering other people's lives, homes, and efforts for the future. They have demonstrated no concern for the consquences of their actions to others and this is outright threat. ...(full comment)

Berkshire Gas extends freeze to Sunderland

Ken, Obama didn't "take the high road" because he knew that both Netanyahu and the Republican Congress were playing a shabby game of politics. He faces re-election back in Israel and the GOP will use any tool, fair but usually foul to discredit the president. Their treasonous letter to Iran is proof of that. The entire episode was an embarrassing farce. ...(full comment)

Letter: Obama, Netanyahu

Maybe if Obama would stop dividing the taxpayers from the non taxpayers, and the rich form the poor, from those that work and those that don't, from those that legally enter the U.S. to those that don't, he would have the support of the majority. He has shown himself to be a poor mans Jimmy Carter. The President is negotiating just like Carter. Did Carter get the hostages out of Iran. No. President Regan did, and it did not take very long. As Harry Callahan once said, "a man has to know his limitations", I think the President does not realize his. ...(full comment)

Letter: Just crazy

Maybe Obama should have thought about that before he decided to get out his phone and his pen. ...(full comment)

Letter: Just crazy

Thanks for this great tribute to Juanita! ...(full comment)

‘Your life is your action’: Activist Juanita Nelson dies at 91

Congrats Kelly well deserved!! You've worked very hard to accomplish your dreams!! Good luck with your new position !!! ...(full comment)

Doton BC field hockey coach

Walmart raised its hourly starting wage to $9. Not even close to $15, and the increase to $9 itself was just a sop: ...(full comment)

Mayor still hopeful big box will be built

You also have not acknowledged the costs to serving such a large development in your estimation of the tax base. Also note that Walmart's leases often include clauses that prohibit competitors from occupying their spaces (if they leave for some reason) for 7 years - leaving the town with an empty shell for that time. ...(full comment)

Mayor still hopeful big box will be built

$15/hour? You have that in writing? I have heard nothing of the sort. And you really think Walmart has become so successful by enriching communities? The evidence to the contrary is on the ground all over the country - again, you would think places like Holyoke, with all their big-box chain retail, would be thriving, but we know that's not the case. I am not anti-capitalism, I am anti-taxpayer-subsidized capitalism, and that is Walmart's entire business model (hence the poverty wages, which still require employees to use public subsidies to stay afloat, and the deserted downtowns in their wake). ...(full comment)

Mayor still hopeful big box will be built

This proposed NED pipeline is unnecessary and a travesty of Kinder Morgan greed that may permanently destroy five square miles and much more, of Massachusetts' pristine land, farming, and water resources: all for this company's efforts to syphon off a U.S. asset for private gain. The enormous compressor stations, connected by the flimsiest possible leaky pipelines, will be belching VOC's, endocrine disruptors, neurotoxins, arsenic in tons over time, and God knows what else. This will permanently poison air, water and soil in this entire region. It is very clear that this company has no moral compass, and no regard for human health and well being. The meetings offered locally can best be described as Kafkaesque: where these amoral salesmen present lies and death with bland indifference. If a foreign national came to this land, and enacted this, there is a word for that. "Accidents" may, through insurance, may ultimately benefit their bottom line. It is appalling that eminent domain for private profit is becoming policy for the Federal Energy "Regulatory" Commission. It is not in place to regulate the behavior of these entities who pay their salary. It is increasingly evident that it is in place to regulate citizens while they are stripped of resources, property and even their lives by private corporations. ...(full comment)

Letter: Pipeline stance

Your wrong about the tax base. Sales and property tax will greatly help Greenfield's bottom line. Add 200 new entry jobs and you will help our homeless neighbors pull up their boot straps. Walmart it self has admitted they will be paying $15 per hour. Your just anti capitalism. I hope Walmart comes to Greenfield. I will no longer order my family needs from the internet. I will then spend my hard working money in Greenfield. ...(full comment)

Mayor still hopeful big box will be built