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Its Selcetman Arthur Johnson not Gilmore. ...(full comment)

Erving eyes potential railroad crossing bill

So MA is to have the largest eminent domain land takings since the Turnpike, when we already have an existing pipeline, so that Connecticut businesses can benefit??????? Kinder Morgan bought the Tennessee Gas Pipeline in Southern Massachusetts only recently (it didn't build it) . . . we already have a pipeline here, with excess capacity reported as of December 2014. And now our state is going to be ruined for a second one? This is ludicrous. Is our Governor going to do anything to protect the interests of Massachusetts? ...(full comment)

Kinder Morgan: Conn. economy would benefit from gas pipeline

I have to agree, the Citizen's United ruling doomed us - ALL of us. ...(full comment)

Letter: Hillary and the 1 percent

What a great story for Greenfield. A community owned, green business bringing good paying jobs to the area, recycling a local waste product to produce a clean non polluting fuel that will keep energy dollars from leaving the area. ...(full comment)

Biodiesel factory project needs final $850K

It's 72 virgins now, inflation you see. ...(full comment)

Letter: Tsarnaev sentence

Paging Judge Solomon... ...(full comment)

Sunderland woman wants her dog back

Do you no believe that is true? Look at all the pregnant women from China coming to the United States to give birth. Why do you think they are doing that? They all stay in the same apartment complex and go the same hospital. Using your logic if you were 5 months pregnant traveling abroad and have an early birth your child would not be an American citizen. But a citizen of let's say some middle eastern country. If you were to come back to the U.S. could you bring your child with? The 14th Amendment did not have its roots in slavery and the civil war. The whole tree (roots, branches, leaves, trunk and fruit) was about slavery and how they were to be treated. It was all about the South after the Civil War. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Leave ‘birthright’ alone

Terrific editorial. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Leave ‘birthright’ alone

You left out that the GOP hopefuls keep making statements that make them sound like lunatics. Maybe that's intentional to satisfy the fear and ignorance of the conservative base. ...(full comment)

Zinan/My Turn: A crowded Republican presidential field

Hope you win the van!! ...(full comment)

Turners Falls 11-year-old needs your online votes

As a former resident on Northborough, (as well as Northfield) I have had the pleasure of meeting Jim McGovern. We had left the area before he was elected but we have kept in touch and followed his progress. I second the praises for him. When in Northfield I was a Startup Engineer at Vermont Yankee. The writer has fallen for the anti nuclear hype and bait. The plant operated for 42 years and several years of used fuel is already in Dry Casks. There is then less than 40 years of fuel in the pool. Balanced precariously? Blather! Designed to resist earthquakes and proven! The Fukushima plants are GE MK-I also and the pools there withstood the great earthquake with no damage, even though the Unit 4 building tilted a little and the whole coastline sank half a foot or so. Entergy only wants to save Decommissioning fund money because the hazard is so much less now, and decreases minute by minute due to radioactive decay. They will notify the public if needed, but with a much smaller hazard instant notification is not needed, nor is evacuation. ...(full comment)

Kelly/My Turn: These lawmakers serve us well

Here Here: and State Senator Ben Downing and Steven Kulik! ...(full comment)

Kelly/My Turn: These lawmakers serve us well

Here Here: and State Senator Ben Downing and Steven Kulik! ...(full comment)

Kelly/My Turn: These lawmakers serve us well