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Many people in the audience had known Masha, but as a relative newcomer, she was news to me. Really an interesting person. I look forward to getting the book. ...(full comment)

At Arms’ Length: The Photography of Masha Arms

Fantastic article. Fun and informative. Thanks so much! ...(full comment)

Zombies penetrate Sunderland maze: A reporter’s narrow escape

I find people who resort to name calling and insults do so because they have nothing intelligent to add to a debate or conversation. ...(full comment)

Letter: Democrat tricks

Gee, this sems a tad over the top. I mean, we're talking about 3 buildings and what, 2 hooligans every other week? How about hiring an off-duty cop to walk the beat? And really, no military surplus night goggles required.... ...(full comment)

Keeping watch: Security cameras aim to deter vandals from damaging Greenfield-owned property downtown

Masslive has her work listed as sewage but that isn't what her website says and she has already focused on water policy in her public efforts. wHole towns in Texas are without water and the sewage is being processed to provide water. ...(full comment)

Letter: All about water

Just today, visited a business that has just installed a solar array. I asked a lot of questions and was surprised to hear how affordable it is, and how much energy can be brought in at relatively low cost. In fact, it was amazing how economical and how quick the pay off is. Given that nothing is going to happen in three years to make prices any better, this sure seems like a smart thing to do. I was astonished at how simple and easy this is, and at the savings on energy costs. It costs nothing to get an estimate, and this will help other New Englanders survive the gouging that is taking place by concerted efforts among gas investment interests. ...(full comment)

How can you finance a solar electric system?

Nice article. We live in an amazing area. ...(full comment)

Rice is growing in Franklin County

How about quarter mile gas explosions? ...(full comment)

Editorial: Join the earthquake drill

Imagine if this was radioactive unconventional gas: a rupture or leak like this would have deadly consequences. And given the lack of concern we've seen for the public; that much gas operating under extreme pressure to meet shipping deadlines in the "maritimes" will result in tragedy: likely many. Kinder Morgan has no concerns about safety. They will use the cheapest possible materials under the most dangerous conditions (in the presence of live voltage) and if there's an accident, well, they will pay the proportional equivalent of a toll on the turnpike even if people die, but only if their lawyers can't drum up a case for error on the part of some hapless local. And clean-up: they call that a "job opportunity" if "citizens can organize". People already living along these transmission lines elsewhere report constantly being forced to evacuate their homes while the "representatives" arrive "whenever", and then they are told "its nothing". ...(full comment)

Propane leak stops traffic on Route 2 for two hours

Likely the result of other changes at the school. ...(full comment)

Letter: Vanishing gift?

the glaciers have increased in size as have artic sea ice. Q"s what happened to the wooly mammoth and the dinos? Weather has followed patterns for years and will continue to do so. Why should billions of dollars be spent or invested for a at best one degree temp change in the next 100 years. The earth will adapt to any changes, it always has. People will also change and adapt. I think man has learned to walk upright over time. I think there are more pressing issues to worry about. ...(full comment)

Letter: Messy march

Does that mean that 80 percent think something else is more important or that climate change is not important at all? ...(full comment)

Kelly and Fraser/My Turn: On the bus for change

I hope that Mr. Kempf (and everyone else, for that matter) truly wants to understand the dire straits that unchecked climate change represents. By this specific question, it's obvious that the writer is poorly served by whomever supplies him with information, but the first step in education is admitting ignorance. Even though his question has little relevance to the issue at hand, I would point him to the retreating glaciers across the globe, as well as Arctic sea ice depletion. He might also note the rise in sea level, which at this point is almost entirely due to thermal expansion. There is also data showing cooling of the upper atmosphere, which is evidence of warming, the same way that on infrared scans of the exterior of houses cooler means more heat retained by the insulation. There is the beginnings of evidence of the temperature in changing gulfstream patterns as well. If he is not fixated on the 'warming' associated with climate change, he might accept ocean acidification as evidence of change, or the steady shift in the ranges of animals and plants dependent on certain climactic conditions. One could, of course go on. To reiterate: the evidence this writer and fellow deniers claim to seek is not only overwhelming but freely available to anyone who dares to listen to something that they might not want to hear. I suggest two sources here: https://www.coursera.org/course/globalwarming http://climate.nasa.gov/evidence/ ...(full comment)

Letter: Messy march