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Debbie, who wants to live near a power plant? If anything, a power plant in that location burning fossil fuels all day will lower surrounding property values, reducing tax revenue. And energy companies, like all multi-national corporations these days, always find a way not to pay taxes, usually by threatening to take away jobs. It'd be a wash, at best. Fossil fuels like natural gas are the energy of the past; we need to invest in energy sources of the future, because eventually, the gas will run out, if our drinking water isn't poisoned first. ...(full comment)

New coalition forms to fight pipeline

Here is a thought, maybe wait until you have an established safety net for children (maybe marriage would also help).She could still be in Arizona in school or maybe in her career. It may be harsh, but the government gets their money from the people and a lot of people are having a hard time in the Obama economy. People making bad choices are making hard on everybody. ...(full comment)

Newly homeless mom and newborn make best of bad situation far from family

The Gospel of John was in fact the last to be written, and I apologize for the error. I was thinking of Pauline epistles, written earlier than Matthew and Luke, which did not mention either the virgin birth or any other aspect of the nativity fables. ...(full comment)

Letter: Foolish insistence

It really too bad people can't see the great benefit to the tax rate, the jobs increase the possibility of clean natural gas power plants. I would love to see a new power plant right by the Rail Yard in Deerfield. A compressor site worth millions of dollars would help the town tax rate for years. We need to welcome this pipe line, not stop it. ...(full comment)

New coalition forms to fight pipeline

Karen, I think maybe their wording is a shorthand for "getting them the help they need, addressing their concerns" etc. Maybe we should read into it that they DO understand all the needs, want to help them....not that they just want to physically put them somewhere different. Let's hope so, anyway. ...(full comment)

Letter: Sad approach

I love the image that whole families go, on their knees, to the altar to offer their prayers. It's an embodiment of what I do when I speak a prayer in our more conservative church... I envision my prayers going to the altar and thenceforth being taken, by the combined powers that be, to wherever they're needed. ...(full comment)

Brown/My Turn: Brotherly invitation

How about interviewing Mark Zaccheo to see what he had in mind? Sounds like G'field may instead have yet another "let's drag out the junk from grandma's attic" crap shack. Hope I'm wrong! ...(full comment)

Two small Greenfield storefronts sold to unknown buyer

This is a wonderful piece and a fitting testament to a great citizen I am ashamed to say, I knew little about. They don't make folks like her anymore. If Congress had more Barbara Tillmanns in it, this country would be back on track. Thanks for sharing this. ...(full comment)

In the Arena: She loved Greenfield

bluebird does not have a clue. who was murdered for the smallest infraction? When O J Simpson murdered 2 people and was let off, did anyone riot? No, why was that. How many of the last 50 police officers killed, were killed by black men? Is there an open season on killing police officers by black men? I think if you look at the statistics you will find the correct answers and stop writing things that are not true. Or move to the inner city somewhere and after six months tell us what you have learned. ...(full comment)

Letter: The Ferguson ‘show’

Sad news, too young to leave us. Greenfield's loss, may she rest in peace. ...(full comment)

Passion and generosity : Barbara Tillmanns remembered by friends and town leaders

This is the consequence: divide and conquer. We all love peaceful protest as an American principle: but as courts fail, more and more, to uphold principle in favor of private prejudice, there is no reason for law and order any longer. Barry Krieger is part of an organization that routinely gives voice to the powerful, but doesn't much extend itself to give peaceful protest much if any voice at all. Note he did not comment, aghast on air, about the court's decision. "That is not justice". This is a pretty clear example of what's wrong. If you watch carefully, the primary focus of their reporting is crime by dark skinned folks, nearly all the time. And that presents a very distorted perspective of "news". ...(full comment)

Letter: The Ferguson ‘show’

Excellent point. Our technological"prowess" may seem like a blessing, but it has an obscene usage. Early on, it became a tool to manage and manipulate the general population, "better than church" as one early theorist said of film. The tactics are now an entire, and very, very well compensated field: psy ops: used on all of us. When it becomes acceptable, for those empowered by the state to help maintain public safety, to murder in cold blood for the smallest infraction, and when the courts uphold this, we are well along in fascism. ...(full comment)

Letter: The Ferguson ‘show’

How exactly does one "make whole" a farmer whose land is ruined and his LIFETIME income destroyed? Remember too what WV landowners have learned - This industry need not -and does not- honor ANY contracts, nor obey ANY limits whatsoever, once allowed on the property. With unlimited legal resources, and FEDERAL level support, they never lose in court. This why we fought FASCISM- ("=the merger of industry and state power," according to its INVENTOR, who was btw NOT Webster..) -in other countries. Why are we allowing it HERE? ...(full comment)

What does pipeline mean for farmers?