Well said and well written. Thanks for sharing this! Sincerely, Daniel A. Brown Taos, NM ...(full comment)

Letter: What’s possible

I would also like to see a space there that could be rented out for parties, functions, weddings, etc. That would nicely complement the new hotel above Wilson's, and out-of-town guests could also utilize the new train station nearby. There are not a lot of large venues for this purpose in the area, especially that are situated in a downtown, transit-oriented setting. ...(full comment)

What will be next act for the bank?

Dylan's got my vote! I think it's definitely time for some fresh ideas and a change in our state! ...(full comment)

Korpita: State government needs to be more proactive

Excellent, letter, Mr. Korpita. You have my vote for all the reasons outlined above! ...(full comment)

Letter: Asking for your vote

Awesome...our street is falling apart, our sidewalk could kill someone with the cracks and disrepair, but this town is gonna spend up to $400,000 for a few kids to use skateboards! Where are the priorities in this town? ...(full comment)

Grant comes through for Unity Skate Park, Greenfield dog park, Northfield recreation

A replica is not the same... Even with pieces of the original set in cement nearby in a pocket park. It is sad watching the Commonwealth scrap the last such civil engineering feats. Like Lowell's Textile Memorial Bridge, recently lost. More should be saved than Boston's Longfellow Bridge and the Northern Avenue Bridge. Western and Central Massachusetts deserves heritage structures too... ...(full comment)

Schell Bridge ‘summit’ set for Thursday Scroll to bottom of page and you will find our JENNA STRONG walk on Nov 2nd ...(full comment)

“Light the Night” walk in Bernardston to fight blood cancer

Wow, thank you so much. This is such a wonderful program. Had so much fun. Can't wait until next one. ...(full comment)

No shortage of words at Greenfield annual Word Festival

Threats of legal action from the very deep, inexhaustible resources of a master LIMITED LIABILITY partnership turned U.S. Company are par for the course. If they can jam this through here, through conservation land, over riding state law, and bypassing any process, for a private pipeline to pillage U.S. assets that we subsidize for private profit export, are we really any semblance of a Democracy any longer? ...(full comment)

Editorial: Pipeline fight comes with costs

Ms. Lee, through her out of state political connections, is on board with eliminating the environmental protection agency: do we want anyone in our state taking control of a water region with THAT philosophy? ...(full comment)

Andrews/My Turn: Making my record clear

While Whipps Lee got the "business endorsement" this also accounts for her less than full throated stance on the pipeline. Many businesses are coming out against it, and she could have used her position on behalf of residents facing the loss of their homes and having to live in blast zones. She could have stood up for the beautiful environment. What she did was politically make statements, but there are no leadership actions to back it up. It might win her votes in her district, but folks will be gulled if they vote based on this concern. And her well-financed attack ads are deeply concerning given the grab for water everywhere, and this is a concern: as are her comments about roads. The top of her ticket is single handedly responsible for road conditions. The Big Dig was financed to the oversized tune of 22 billion through the department of transportation, arranged by Charlie Baker. There are republican efforts to privatize the Department of Transportation: putting real estate and roads in investor hands. That means road crew jobs will be outsourced. That also means control over MA resources. Don't vote for this. While the media gets everyone in a lather about other stuff, our resources are being biffed while our economies are being tanked nationwide by the .01%. ...(full comment)

Letter: Re-elect Andrews

He has been an outspoken supporter of our district, and eloquent on behalf of citizens and communities faced with this horror. This is someone who really represents the folks that live here, and not investment interests looking for a chance to tank our state and plunder our resources. ...(full comment)

Letter: Our ‘unwavering voice’

While the superficial arguments about a lot of people's fond beliefs, and a thirty year campaign of hate speech directly attributable to the .01% have divided our nation, it would be wise for the poorest citizens, who enjoy at least the beauty of our state and its heritage, to consider whether our water should be shipped to other parts of the U.S. or even sold abroad. ...(full comment)

Andrews/My Turn: Making my record clear