Fear mongering and vilifying... demonize the other side .. and deal in half truths . make people fear what they do not know .. Shame on the Recorder for letting one side frame the conversation.. This is not balanced reporting... ...(full comment)

Northfield preps list of pipeline concerns for FERC hearing

That is not the issue...Fear mongering and vilifying... demonize the other side .. and deal in half truths . make people fear what they do not know .. Shame on the recorder for letting one side frame the conversation.. ...(full comment)

Potential health effects cause concern for some residents

I grew up loving bookstores and libraries. I remember spending hundreds of hours at the Harvard Coop in my childhood and our own town library. So I'm sorry to see bookstores go. But as a business owner, I understand it's impossible to compete with instant delivery. If I can buy a book online and have it delivered to my hand-held device seconds after purchase, that only leaves the experience of shopping missing. And there are two whole generations of young people that grew up without that experience. I suspect I am among the last of my generation that cares about the smell of old books, the feel of holding them in my hands, and the sounds of people quietly was what passed for a religious experience for me. Now it's almost completely gone. ...(full comment)

Deerfield book shop closes doors

It's sadly obvious that FERC is simply the pretense of regulation: window dressing for theft and graft: now we can add genocide. ...(full comment)

Letter: FERC, grow a backbone

Kinder Morgan only cares about the 18 quadrillion dollars they plan to make shipping gas in their newly purchased tankers from Pieridae in Nova Scotia. Based on this late stage document dump, the TBDs that riddle every page (they don't know how many people this will affect) and the stuck green light its fairly clear that FERC is a complete shill: deliberate regulation capture. FERC is not functioning as any sort of regulatory agency: in fact it is only a name for a private agency that serves the interests of oil and gas. The lies and platitudes about "fair and transparent" process are exactly what the U.S. used to decry in other nations: oppressive regimes: campaigns of misinformation: a dystopian shill for theft and abuse. ...(full comment)

Potential health effects cause concern for some residents

I'm glad that Northfield is getting more options for venues nowadays. In the past I've known a few wedding parties that have had to go outside of the city to find the right accommodations. Hopefully people will be able to stay local now that this banquet hall is opening. ...(full comment)

Northfield gets new banquet hall

Considering that the DOER is basically an extension of gas investment interests, that the DPU is over run with industry insiders in the revolving door between gas investment companies and "public office", this is a tragic farce: they deny citizens time, representation, or due process. It is so very patently obvious that this is an export pipeline with a big payout, that they make themselves ridiculous outside of their enmeshed circles. Clearly these folks have no concern for ethics or Constitutional reasoning, and they are "following orders" from the Baker administration on policies dictated from Houston and Kansas. We are no longer a nation of law. And property owners have NO champion in Charlie Baker, and what representation we elect locally is simply ignored. ...(full comment)

Mass. Department of Energy Resources argues in favor of Berkshire Gas pipeline contract at DPU hearing

Thank you Susan for your articulate and well informed letter. I hope the folks who are in reaction and fear mode will heed your good advice and welcome the detox center. ...(full comment)

Letter: Detox center at Lunt

Way over the line !!! ...(full comment)

Letter: Pipeline protest

RedBar, before you make assumptions about the false promises of jobs that would come about with this pipeline, please do some research on this. Workers are for the most part brought in and the jobs are temporary. The pipelines and compressor stations are unmanned and remotely monitored. Also, if you are concerned about your grandchildren, please do yourself a favor and do some research on the health and environmental effects of these pipelines and compressor stations, and please look into the environmental record of Kinder Morgan, a company that is well known for pipeline accidents and safety violations. We would be doing a great service to our grandchildren and the whole world by investing in more clean energy and conservation. ...(full comment)

Rosenberg calls for FERC hearing delay

The so called "open and transparent process" is an Orwellian advertising slogan repeated in the media incessantly, while the actual behavior by Kinder Morgan is gamey and disingenuous. And FERC sets NO limits and doesn't even hold them accountable to required steps in the process. When an individual acts the way Kinder Morgan does in its smallest actions, they get diagnosed with "character disorder", one branch of which is sociopathic personality disorder. That is the label that best fits what this entire industry has become. And this is all about the heist of American resources for private gain. The U.S. as extraction colony for the .01% and their willing toadies. ...(full comment)

Pipeline co. files report with FERC

Before we get all up-in-arms, let us consider our grandchildren. Once the new supply line goes in, Western Mass will change. Now, our children have to move away to get jobs. An energy source like this pipeline will mean jobs for many years to come, for our children. And grandchildren. My epiphany came when my partner, who is from Rhode Island, and I went on a boat tour of the Blackstone River. Our guide was a retired high school physics teacher who explained that there is as much energy in the Blackstone River as in Niagara Falls -- it falls 10 feet a mile for 50 miles. Every mile on the Blackstone, there is a 10' dam, and a mill. Once a mile. And the Blackstone River was the center of the industrial revolution in the US, spawning "cottage industries" throughout the region. As in, people did the finish work from manufacturing 'in their cottage'. The new gas pipeline through our region, with nine pumping stations (or hubs), will be like a Blackstone River. It will mean jobs for our children -- and grandchildren. While the Blackstone is one of the most polluted rivers on earth, the pipeline does not have to be so bad. It depends on us. It is up to us to manage it wisely, for them. ...(full comment)

Rosenberg calls for FERC hearing delay

I worked at CSO in the mid-late nineties and helped organize the first strike ! I'm sorry to see this happening again but believe in collective power and addressing the problems with the state - they typically giving the work to the lowest bidder. The fact that those scarce resources are going to administrative bloat is despicable. Fight for what's right ! In solidarity! ...(full comment)

Mental health care workers strike