The Precinct 7/ Community Relations and Education Committee Community Forum WILL BE HELD ON Tuesday, October 7, 2014, 6:00 pm at the Robbins Memorial Church at 55 Munson St. The date noted in the Recorder is incorrect. Kathryn J. Scott, Administrative Assistant To the Town Council Clerk Town of Greenfield (413) 772-1555 x 113 ...(full comment)

Forum to discuss increase of Munson Street traffic tonight

We will be paying for the Big Dig until 2038. What began as a 2.5 billion dollar proposal mushroomed into a 22 billion dollar nightmare and "investments" in this were managed by Charlie Baker. This devastated communities all over the state as necessary funds were syphonned from local communities and diverted to this project. This was an enormous wealth transfer from Massachusetts citizens to private investors. We, as a state, are located between the Marcellus shale and the coast: we also have abundant water. If MA voters aren't smart, we are going to become the shipping grid for radioactive, chemically toxic Marcellus gas, and our water will be commodified and sold elsewhere in the years to come: this is happening in other places around the country whenever the radical GOP is in office; any work on our behalf will cease entirely. Whatever the public discussion is in order to get elected, that is the agenda. Socialize the costs: privatize profit. In other words: take as much of your money as possible so the obscenely wealthy can have more. ...(full comment)

Editorial: What’s the plan for western Mass.?

We drove by it, too. Pretty amazing sight! ...(full comment)

Hot air balloon makes emergency landing on I-91

Green power is expensive, isn't it! Expect $500 a month electric bills in a few years. We've been taken over by the enviro-nazis. ...(full comment)

Electric bills expected to jump 37%

Its the usual game, create a crisis and then you get what you want from the people. Its as old as the hills... ...(full comment)

Electric bills expected to jump 37%

And yet, we had threeTRILLION dollars to spend on the Iraq War. And our military budgets dwarfs all other nations combined. The money is there to erase hunger. Unfortunately so is the immoral greed and distorted priorities. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Growing hunger crisis

And burrecd, you are soooooo spot on! ...(full comment)

Electric bills expected to jump 37%

Enron playbook being used to gin up "crisis" for gas investments. Not ONE of these companies has cited the much cooler summer this year, where demand for electricity to use for air conditioning was low and we all received notices saying there was less demand for electricity. So they will make up for that this winter. This is all about gouging as much money as possible from the working public so that investors line their pockets. DPU isn't representing ratepayers any longer and neither is FERC: investors only. ...(full comment)

Electric bills expected to jump 37%

After reading this article and hearing from parents of children who attend Gill School, I have to wonder why there are so many behavioral issues resulting in discipline and suspensions directly related to playground interactions. My strong suggestion is that respect, responsibility, and cooperation are not being taught in the classroom which should carry over to all activities outside those four walls. I would encourage the Administration to investigate the behavioral program PBIS which teaches those very qualities through positive reinforcement. As I teach in a school that implemented the PBIS system five years ago I can honestly say that it is an amazing preprogram that produces amazing and positive results. It requires time, 100% by-in by the staff, and a dismantling of dated theories concerning acceptable, positive behavior. What is taught and reinforced by the everyone involved in the education of each child has been a resounding success resulting in a substantial decrease in disciplinary issues at my school and within my school district. As far as the students singing for their lunch, I can only say, wow. I was immediately reminded of Dicken's novel. How antiquated and demeaning. Children need that opportunity to interact as well as eat in a far less restrictive environment than what the Gill School is allowing. Very sad. For the sake of the children please take a serious look into the PBIS program. ...(full comment)

Gill Elementary begins ‘teaching recess’

Isn't this convenient timing for Kinder Morgan's campaign for an export pipeline...smells fishy. ...(full comment)

Electric bills expected to jump 37%

This is a very disappointing state of affairs that gives us a couple takeaway lessons: As these venues were being renovated and introduced, there was a strong sense of exclusivity to the events. Especially early on, they always appeared as if out of nowhere, and many people, myself included, assumed them to be by invitation only. I am a great lover of live jazz and travel frequently to Northampton to a hotel that hosts several events a week- My friends and I would have been jumping up and down with glee to have that sort of thing happening within walking distance of my house... We are exactly the demographic that the planning of this revitalization probably had in mind. That being said, we find our first lesson: The 'revitalization' always appeared to be for the benefit of a certain demographic. I have serious misgivings about that approach. But business is business and the person who takes the financial risks gets to decide how to pitch the project. Even accepting that yes, the planners wanted to reach out to the Nouveau-Greenfield crowd, they managed to make other potential patrons, at best, confused, and at worst, alienated. By the time I realized that events WERE open to the public, I was already kind of 'over it'. Next time a downtown revitalization is conjured up, it would be wise to make it more clear that it is being done for ALL the residents of Greenfield, not just the uber-hip elite. Housing RePlay in the Pushkin was brilliant and I hope it's not too late!!! I wish Ed all the best and hope with all my heart that he can salvage the project and turn it into something lively and wonderful- and welcoming to even the less-hip amongst us. ...(full comment)

Arts Block, Pushkin owner declares bankruptcy

Excellent Article. I grew up along the Mohawk Trail in the 60's. The article brought back a load of memories!! Thank you!! ...(full comment)

The twists & turns of history: the Mohawk Trail marks 100 years

And the chemicals being choked out into the atmosphere are deeply concerning. Extraction methods for unconventional gas use highly toxic substances and Marcellus gas is more radioactive than other shales. This will be pumped into the atmosphere at compressor stations and will come down as acid rain. This is deeply concerning. ...(full comment)

No response from pipeline co., Deerfield to take up issue Oct. 22