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Bee colony collapse subject of film Wednesday

You hit the nail on the head, whoooot. One of the important points that people forget is that when they post comments or "like" a public figure, band, or business, their opinions and posts become fair-game and get indexed in major search engines. ...(full comment)

‘Nothing you put on social media is private’

Good one! You'd get my vote John. ...(full comment)

Letter: Lyford wants to serve

A lot of folks are unaware that "natural gas" and "unconventional gas" are two different things. Yes, for a very long time we have depended on natural gas . . . now we are using "unconventional gas". More and more of the gas being sold to the public is "unconventional" gas, which is produced using enormous quantities of fresh water, which in turn ruins this water for drinking and creates enormous disposal problems. A second and more insidious feature is that unconventional gas from the Marcellus shale contains significant amounts of radioactivity, especially when it is coming directly from the shale beds. Marcellus gas is reported to be higher in radioactivity than that found in other shale beds. Since we are a living very close to the Marcellus and Utica shale plays, this radioactive gas could be shipped in enormous quantities through most of our acquifers and areas that provide drinking water for the state. Pipelines are reported to leak at a rate of 8 to 11%. And because we are a "low population" area hereabouts, there will be even lower than usual standards for pipeline safety in constructing this high pressure, high volume commercial gas shipping line. Very little of the quantity of this unprocessed gas will go to New England at all. With three high power transmission lines ,aimed through our state, at waiting LNG export (likely targeted to become "import") terminals in Gloucester and Everett Massachusetts, it is very clear that "gas for New England" is likely only a ruse to exploit public necessity arguments and eminent domain to create a shipping route through Massachusetts for the Marcellus to port for sale abroad. The pipeline company proposing this also owns a fleet of gas tankers. The gas to be shipped in this and the two other proposed pipelines projects, will not only overwhelm the Northeast in quantity, but are clearly destined for sale abroad. This will drive up prices for New England in the long-run, but worse, will bring a lot of deadly radioactivity through our entire state, right into our reservoirs. The gas industry, and its pipelines are exempt from clean air, clean water, and safe drinking water legislation, since 2005. This was enacted just as hydraulic fracturing was gaining ground. The gas industry spends a considerable amount of money with high priced advertising agencies to promote "clean, safe, natural", which is, in this case, not related to the contents of what will be shipped through Massachusetts. If this is, indeed, so "safe" then why was this exemption from any oversight or governance given to this industry, when it has such potential to kill so many citizens, ruin water, and create environmental destruction? And you have to ask yourself whether it is right to destroy public drinking water for private profit. Comparativly little money from all of this will benefit the United States or our state, but it will further enrich private wealth at public expense, as this unconventional gas is likely to sold abroad for private profit. Massachusetts citizens are unaware that this state may be about to become the shipping and storage lane for enormous quantities of radioactive gas for sale outside the U.S., mostly tobenefit private wealth. The question is, do we as citizens, have any voice in protecting our own safety, and that of our children and grandchildren? God help us. ...(full comment)

Montague gas pipeline meeting draws crowd

Facebook can not violate your privacy settings, they can not share publicly anything you share privately with your friends, your friends in turn can share or copy and paste that private material. I would think the courts as well as police departments would need a search warrant to invade a persons private messaging systems. In other words you can only get a warrant to view certain portions of a persons FaceBook page and only those portions which pertain to a suspect, you can not view what everyone has to say unless they are posting publicly. Facebook has a third party clause, I would suggest all users read the terms of use and privacy agreement, (which is quite boring) before posting on FB. ...(full comment)

‘Nothing you put on social media is private’

There is a bill banning fracking for 10 years in our state legislation - Bill H3796 currently in the House Ways and Means Committee. In addition, it also calls for a ban of dumping waste water and other waste from fracking in our state (this is really important - Ohio has been a dumping ground for PA fracking waste). Please call your state Reps and Senators to ask them to support this bill and encourage it to come to a vote before July 31. In addition, please sign the petition ...(full comment)

Letter: No to ‘fracking’

You truly care about your patients and want to improve patient care? Abolish the rules of despond and the humiliation you put a patient through all because they suffered a complication from a surgical procedure! ...(full comment)

Hospital looks to improve patient experience

Starting World War III over the Ukraine makes about as much sense as starting World War I over Serbia. ...(full comment)

Letter: Obama and Putin

The Atlantic Monthly talks about how very little supervision or oversight exist in an article from 2013 entitled "No one's really minding the pipeline in your backyard". Another report (Eric de Place) from www. sightline, retrieved in March of this year, discusses corporate citizenship and community behaviors of KM in its overall operations. One example: "Kinder Morgan subsidiary was convicted of six felony counts related to the Walnut Creek explosion and ordered to pay $15 million in fines." Five people died in a pipeline explosion. This is one of many concerns cited. ...(full comment)

Letter: No to ‘fracking’

This is mandatory in San Francisco. There are fines for putting compostable items in your trash. With the exception of onions. No onions allowed. ...(full comment)

Greenfield selling composting bins

Service dogs should not be regulated. There are plenty of people who do not have the money to pay for "regulated" service animals from people that say they are dog trainers. My golden retriever, Sadie, has been with me since she was 6 weeks old and I have trained her everyday of her life. I paid $40 to get her an ID from so people stop harassing me about her. Also, I didn't have to pony up the hundreds that these so called "trainers" have requested. Let there be a few scammers running around so that people truly in need do not have to go through the government red tape and costly trainers. ...(full comment)

Letter: Service dogs

I cannot understand anyone opposing having natural gas lines in their area. Natural gas is so much cleaner and less expensive than heating with oil or wood, and less expensive than heating with electricity. The past 16 years since moving into my house, we've heated our home and water and cooked with natural gas, and it is the best and most efficient, quietest and cleanest way to heat your home. I don't know why more people who have gas lines on their streets don't convert to gas. If Berkshire Gas won't step up to the plate, then we have to get another American company to come and do it. ...(full comment)

Montague gas pipeline meeting draws crowd

Who writes these proposed legislation requirements ? It seems that more and more frequently the requirements to do any farming get tougher and tougher. At some point these idiot law makers are going make/ create an environment that prohibits growing anything to make a living !! At what point does common sense get injected back into the thought process ? ...(full comment)

Farmers dump on proposed manure regs