Their company was recently purchased by Spanish giant Iberdrola. Prior to that, it spent 20 million in a failed attempt to purchase a Philadelphia company. (see Hartford Courant) It seems that lust for money is the only real policy, and pipelines are a means of stripping wealth away from hardworking Americans. If we are wise, as a state, we will stand up to this atrocity. This has no benefit whatsoever to our communiities, and there are other options, like Distrigas, that Sunderland companies can choose that will save lives now and in the future. ...(full comment)

Berkshire Gas extends freeze to Sunderland

This is obscene. Tearing up five square miles of MA pristine conservation and private land, forcing neighborhoods to live in incineration zones near the cheapest, flimsiest possible pipeline, operating under enormous pressure, and near live voltage. Running through drinking water supplies. Berkshire could fix their leaky existing pipes and stop cheating ratepayers. They could also engage in programs that conserve. They are fine squandering other people's lives, homes, and efforts for the future. They have demonstrated no concern for the consquences of their actions to others and this is outright threat. ...(full comment)

Berkshire Gas extends freeze to Sunderland

Out of context and all incorrect. Final disposal of the Used Fuel has already been paid for by the ratepayers. There are two charges on every kilowatt-hour sold. One for the Decommissioning Fund and one for permanent disposal of Used Fuel. By law the used fuel will become the responsibility of the government, and it will pay for the disposal with the money in the fund. But there is no place for the Used Fuel to go right now, thanks to Senator Reid and anti-nukes. So the plants have to pay for it in Dry Casks, and they want the money already paid back. Federal courts have supported this and a lot of money has already been given back to several plants. The NRC will continue to regulate many aspects of the decommissioning work, particularly the radiological safety. They just don't approve the overall plan. The owners and contractors can break up concrete without NRC approval. ...(full comment)

Letter: The toothless NRC

Well said. ...(full comment)

Letter: The toothless NRC

Fourth-graders should NOT be placed in a middle school. This is a good decision, and it's rather unsettling to me to think that at some point, someone thought it was a good idea to put these children in a population of kids at a significantly different developmental stage. What still worries me a lot is that the Newton Street School serves, arguably, the greatest population of at-risk students; by that, I mean the pupils coming in from the nearby homeless hotels, who are already suffering from transience and disruptions in, or absence of, what most of us would consider to be a normal childhood. If this town is going to continue to house this large homeless population, we need to take a much savvier approach to placing at-risk children. Those hotels are forcing kids to grow up too fast, and not in a good way. Placing them in middle school too early is just asking for trouble. ...(full comment)

Committee OKs moving Greenfield 4th grades to elementary schools

Which committee members voted yes and which voted no? ...(full comment)

Committee OKs moving Greenfield 4th grades to elementary schools

Put the matter on the ballot. Let voters decide if they want a department store. Entities will use the courts forever. Put it on the ballot in November. People will show up in droves because they are sick of spending top dollar downtown. I spend thousands of dollars online because we don't have a discount retail store. I bought my computer, two X Box Ones, one PlayStation 4, clothes and jewelry. I paid zero state or federal taxes. Greenfield lost all those dollars. If I do it so does other Greenfield residences. ...(full comment)

Abutters of French King Highway project file appeal

I don't know who is calculating these bills and usage but my bill did not increase by 30%,35%, or 38% it increased by 100%. ...(full comment)

Conway lawyer to AG: Investigate electric cost hike

Very interesting. We must remember that our MA DPU approved the hikes for both Ntional Grid (38%) and Eversource (26%) before the actually experienced any losses from "energy shortages". More interesting is that National Grid recently announced that they are reducing prices by 26% in May. Likely because they did not experience the anticipated hike in natural gas prices. My point is that much of the blame should fall on the MA Dept. of Public Utilities. ...(full comment)

Conway lawyer to AG: Investigate electric cost hike

I am extremely proud of my granddaughter Emma Laster and the rest of her fifth grade team , I feel that they should have had their pictures and names in this article as well! ...(full comment)

Gill Elementary sends two Destination Imagination teams to the state finals

Western Mass. hockey: Coaches' All-League selections Masslive reported on March 19th that the following area hockey players were named to the coaches all league selections: Tim Atkins, Senior ,Turners Falls Brandon Bryant, Junior, Turners Falls Clay Richardson, Junior, Greenfield thanks ...(full comment)

Bulletin Board: Local players make HL, TCL hoops all-star teams

I hope the gas station has environmental insurance. I can put up with a lot. Gas going into the Green River ticks me off. Irving Gas Station should come up with disaster plans that would keep in mind our local ecosystem. ...(full comment)

Gas tanker spill leaks into Greenfield brook

Thank you very much for publishing my response. ...(full comment)

Letter: Answers from the source