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Letter: K12 bad for us

K12 Inc., our for-profit vendor for online educational services, is a lot like heroin.

They both cost dearly, at the same time they both make you sick and stupid. They both leave you needing more. They both undermine the soul of the community, at the same time they exploit our most valuable resource — our youth. They are both born of the greedy enterprise of felons, and they both thrive on ignorance.

There are three big differences:

1. K12 Inc. is far more profitable than heroin;

2. You can stop using K12 Inc. more easily than you can stop using heroin;

3. You can eliminate K12 Inc. more easily that you can eliminate heroin.

Tell the Greenfield Commonwealth Virtual School board of trustees to stop using K12 Inc. before it really is too late. Like now.



Many of these families are there because they feel they have NO choice. It is their last hope and K12 exploits that. For some reason I am reminded of the mortgage brokers that "helped" with our housing crisis in America. K12 markets to desperate families and does not disclose the "real" way the free, virtual schools work. They say "flexible" and then hand families a VERY rigorous schedule once school starts. Are all families disappointed? Maybe not. BUT K12's pockets are deep and they have been known to "buy" their way into states and school districts with money to the boards. To them, students are disposable and they are fine with families rearranging their entire life and transferring their kids, only to have those families leave because the program is nothing like what was told to them during information sessions or during the enrollment process. Just like the housing crisis, the K12 bubble will burst and you heard it here first.

This is an absurd, ad hominem letter from someone with no experience with K12. 100% of the students enrolled in online and blended public schools using K12 are their by choice. Obviously these parents and teachers have different view. Many of the children in online public schools struggled or failed in traditional schools. K12-powered online and blended schools give parents choices in education -- something that too many families in America do NOT have. Students are not "zoned in" or required to attend these schools. Parent choice is respected. K12 is proud to serve these families, and teachers and school leaders who work hard, every day, to meet the individual needs of every child.

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