Letter: No picking or choosing

Just an easy suggestion to Officer Ricko, whom I do not know and have no idea what department or town he works for, the suggestion is this, do not interpret the laws, do not pick the laws that your so-called “oath” set as a standard. The president’s executive orders are law, you don’t get to pick or choose, and some day this order may save you or another officer’s life. Lastly, if you are on Charlemont’s Police Department, I will work to get you dismissed. You have no right choosing what to enforce any more than I have a right to pick and choose what I will abide.



I don't know which is worse - your complete ignorance of our constitutional process, or your lack of a moral compass which causes you to be a mind numbed robot, willing to follow any orders given without conscience, or regard to their constitutionality. You, sir, would have been a great soldier under Hitler, and would have fit in great as a police officer during the days of Jim Crow laws. People like you would have been more than willing to arrest Rosa Parks because, well, it was "the law". You should actually read the constitution some time. Then you would know that we are a republic, not a monarchy, and your president does not get to bypass congress and enact laws with an executive order. I applaud Officer Ricko for standing up for what is right, regardless of what the law says. Because if this country can still be saved, it will have to be done by people like him.

Perhaps you should actually look up the constitution and read it. It is not a law if it is unconstitutional. Our sheriff's are our last defense from unconstitutional orders by a tyrannical government. He does not stand alone and I will not allow you to have him removed from office. I will make it my personnel mission to see to it that he stays in office and there are a lot more people for the second amendment then there are people who blindly follow orders that will stand behind him. Learn the constitution, Learn the law, and grow up.

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