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Letter: Walmart and seniors

A recent letter in defense of Walmart stated, “Walmart employs more senior citizens than anyone else in the country.” You are absolutely right, Mr. Gomez. Walmart loves senior citizens.

After all, most senior citizens are working to supplement their Social Security and/or retirement funds, will accept part time hours and most likely are covered by Medicare.

This is ideal for Walmart because they can get away with paying less than a living wage and don’t have to be bothered with those pesky old benefits like health insurance.

However, when it comes to younger employees who rely solely on their paycheck from Walmart, they cannot afford to support themselves and their families. That is why 42 percent of all Walmart employees are on some type of federal assistance like food stamps or fuel assistance. Also, if these employees do anything to try and improve working conditions they will be fired.

Despite the fact that Walmart, the corporation made a profit of $19 BILLION in 2011 and Michael Duke their CEO made $18 MILLION that same year, they cannot seem to be able to find the money to pay their sales associates a living wage. Their average pay is $15,000 per year.

But of course that is capitalism at work. Mr. Duke “earns” his salary by cutting costs in order to raise the “bottom line” and make the stock holders happy. The cuts, of course, are at the expense of the employees who are doing the actual work. Way to go Mikey!



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