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Letter: Objections to wind

I understand that the editorial board of The Recorder sincerely believes in wind energy and I respect your opinions. But some of us do not think that this is the way to solve our energy problems or reduce global warming.

Last Thursday’s (Feb. 7) editorial criticizes the proposed bylaw in Heath that would ban industrial wind installations. But I think that the subcommittee in Heath (REAC) did a remarkable job researching this subject and clearly they put much time and energy into it. They came to the following conclusions:

The energy-generating capacity of turbines and the environmental benefits of are minimal. Wind turbines in our area only work up to about 30 percent capacity. Also people living near the wind turbines are subject to health problems. Property values within two-mile radius of wind installations drop 25 to 40 percent resulting in loss of tax revenue and large sections of the roads in Heath will need to be massively widened to transport turbine parts. Not in the article but also detracting factors are the large numbers of birds and bats killed by wind turns and the fact that they need fossil fuel backup when the wind does not blow.

This editorial also raises the NIMBY (Not in my backyard) flag. I know many people who oppose commercial wind turbines. They are not NIMBYs. They, like myself, are NIABYs. We don’t want them in anyone’s backyard.



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