Letter: Mike Kittridge

I was saddened to read in your newspaper recently that Mike Kittridge has suffered a stroke. Mr. Kittridge, who is the founder of Yankee Candle and cofounder of Kringle Candle company of Bernardston, Mass., is a man of visions and dreams and has made them come true. I used to see him from time to time either in the retail candle store in town or sitting at his favorite table in the Farm Table Restaurant.

My only regret now is that I did not take the liberty of walking up to him, shaking his hand and saying “Thank you” for helping put Bernardston on the map. I enjoy riding by Kringle Candle company seeing the beautiful buildings, the always beautiful landscaped lawns and seeing the people, the cars and the buses coming and going from their place of business. My wife and I enjoy eating in their 5-star restaurant known as the Farm Table. I just want to say one more time “Thank you Mike,” job well done and may you have a speedy recovery and may we all say a prayer to help him and his family in his recovery.



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