Letter: Common thread

Being a registered independent, I can vote for either party candidates. It depends on how well the candidate will fulfill the wishes of the people.

That’s the “We the People” people. The ones who are supposed to “run” the country.

Can you believe the garbage we have to put with prior to an election? The negative, back-stabbing, insult-tossing campaigning. It is obnoxious and anyone who indulges should be ashamed.

We have gotten no less than one robo call each night for the past week from Sen. Brown. I was in bed reading. An annoying intrusion.

Can you believe that some of “our” senators, Akin, Broun and Paul Ryan (yeah, the VP candidate) actually believe that a woman has no right to choose what happens to her body. These men have no right to make such decisions. They are men. Abortion is an issue that never should be political and or discussed further. It should be safe and legal and available. It is a personal choice. Period! It is 2012, not the dark ages.

I am sure we will hear in the letters from some of the local fanatics, anyone who has Sarah Palin as a role model is subject to questionable judgment. George W. Bush was not a great president. Remember WMD and the fact that we are in the Middle East fighting a war we never should have started in the first place.

Know what all the above mentioned people have in common? Some are religious fanatics, some are Neanderthals and some are just stupid. And ... they are all Republicans. Need I say more?



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