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Letter; Vote ‘no’ on 2

We live in troubled times. Perhaps many of us wish that things were not as they are; still, we cannot change the past. The future, though, will come from our present choices; so we must decide what to do with the time that is given to us to provide the best possible future.

On Nov. 6, in Massachusetts, we have a question on the ballot that will greatly affect the future of our state and probably our nation. Question 2, the so-called “Death with Dignity Act.”

Dignity’s meaning is: “worthy, honored, or esteemed.” However, in this question it is proposed that your dignity does not come from your humanity, your God-given life, or how you live it; rather, your dignity is decided on by how you die and by how little “burden” you put on your family. We seem to have forgotten that families are supposed to care for each member, especially those that are suffering, not simply asking them to get out of our way.

This question isn’t about dignity, because we all have great worth. It isn’t about suffering, because medicine has advanced enough to alleviate most of that. It isn’t about choice because a terminal diagnosis affects your judgment and may still be inaccurate. It IS often about insurance company greed, because suicide is cheaper than treatment.

This question is not before the Supreme Court. This decision rests solely in our hands. If it passes, it is our collective fault. Can we wash that blood from our hands?

Please, vote “no” on Question 2 and educate others so that they, too, understand what it is they are being asked to decide. This is not a coin-flip question. Where will we draw the line? To learn more watch the video at www.dignitydeception.com.



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