Letter: Stein’s the one

The only candidate who supports a single-payer health care system is Dr. Jill Stein. As a European, the practice of giving corporations billions of dollars to exploit your health care is grotesque. As a registered nurse, with a degree in Public Health, I can safely say that her understanding of public health, and the medical and nursing professions is superb. She is a known authority who has devoted her life to health care with her medical practice, writing, and activism. She puts people above profits.

She is the only candidate who supports collective bargaining and respects the rights and dignity of labor demonstrated by her support of the Baystate nurses. She understands the connections between the environment and public health. Fracking makes the planet sick. It makes people sick. Same with tar sands. Jill calls for the closing of Vermont Yankee. The other presidential candidates want to keep it open plus lots of new nukes along with the tar sands and fracking.

I also write as a person from another country who is appalled at the censorship in the media. European news runs stories that are covered up over here, like handcuffing Dr. Stein to a chair so she couldn’t debate. The media refuses to report on the free and equal debates.

It is clear that the polar ice caps are melting, glaciers are disappearing, the Gulf Stream has shifted, Frankenstorms are the order of the day, yet no mention of climate change by Mitt and Barack. And, they both agree to occupy the world with hundreds of military bases while catering to Israel.

Your vote for Stein will not spoil votes for Obama. Both the left and the right will equally lose votes to her.

Please join me in voting for Jill Stein MD.



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