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Letter: Brown’s record

Republican Scott Brown has not only endorsed Mitt Romney for president, but Brown has also adopted one of Mitt’s signature behaviors: trying to have it both ways on important issues.

Republican Scott Brown calls himself as a “jobs crusader,” yet Brown joined his right-wing Republican colleagues to filibuster and kill the American Jobs Act, the Rebuild America Jobs Act, and the Teachers & First Responders Back to Work Act. Those three bills that Brown voted to kill would have meant an estimated 33,000 jobs for Massachusetts.

Republican Scott Brown calls himself “pro-choice.”  However, Massachusetts Citizens for Life calls Brown “a senator who votes prolife.” The National Right to Life Committee gave Brown an 80 percent anti-choice approval rating. Brown’s actual voting record is clearly anti-choice. Brown also claimed that he believes “strongly” in fair pay — ensuring that women earn the same as men for doing the same work. However, Brown voted against the Paycheck Fairness Act.

To appear tough on Wall Street, Republican Scott Brown has said, “Banks should not act like casinos with our money.” However, Brown worked behind the scenes to score backroom deals allowing big banks to keep acting like casinos with our money! Before financial reform passed, Brown worked to water down a regulation limiting high-risk investing by banks. Then, after financial reform passed, Brown worked to further loosen the rules for big banks. Forbes Magazine named Brown one of Wall Street’s favorite senators, and securities and investment industry sources have given Brown over $2.4 million in campaign contributions.

Republican Scott Brown talks one way while he’s courting your vote on the campaign trail, and then Brown votes the exact opposite way back in Washington. Visit http://www.BothWaysBrown.com/ for the full rundown on Brown having it both ways on numerous issues.


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