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Letter: Hawlemont, Rowe

Greetings to friends from Rowe and Hawlemont, (to those whom I haven’t met yet, my name is Lisa). I am a School Choice parent of Tayanna Lamore. I want to officially thank Principal Emma for her invitation after the Rowe fire and the Hawlemont community for hosting Rowe Elementary in its school building.

I can honestly say that our family is experiencing just what Principal Emma cautioned ... “we may meet new friends and be blessed in ways we didn’t expect — in the aftermath of the Rowe School fire”; just as they experienced after Tropical Storm Irene and the response from Buckland-Shelburne!

It was also my belief that any issues between school committees had been resolved, evidenced by the fruit of the recent events together.

I am surprised and equally concerned that some of the residents of Rowe have chosen to recall Lisa Miller, when Ivy Palmer, of the Hawlemont School Committee, specifically said that she did not have any issues working with Miller. I am concerned about the motivation behind such actions and the discord that is lurking in the midst of our healing, our children and our towns.

I encourage all who share in this “recall” to truly consider the best for our children as a whole “Hawlemont-Rowe school family.” Make sure the “old baggage” you carry is truly your own and that you didn’t pick up someone else’s along the way. It’s easy to do — listen to the drama, think it is fact when it is actually opinion, or worse yet, someone’s intentional intervention that serves their own agenda.

As a choice parent, I consider the best for my daughter every day — choosing to go the distance it takes for her to be in the best environment — one that works for her! I am delighted every day as she comes home — loving her journey at Hawlemont!

I hope that the residents of Rowe involved in this recall do not jeopardize the partnership we have with Hawlemont and add more trauma to the school year.



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