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Letter: It’s time to pay attention

I have never been a person to get involved in politics. I assumed it was safe to leave it in the hands of those who “knew more” or were more “professional.”

After I put myself through college and I became a mother, I started to pay more attention to what goes on in our area. After years of quietly sitting back and observing, I have to say ... I am afraid for our district. I am afraid for my child’s future.

Our Democratic candidate openly admits she doesn’t read the proposed bills or even the budget —because she supports the process, and that she feels that other people will do it.

So basically, she is saying that she doesn’t do what she gets paid to do? Anyone else would be fired from their job for such action.

A Republican Candidate openly castigates same-sex marriage or anyone that is not her religion. I am fairly certain that would be unacceptable in any other profession.

However, I was surprised when I read Mrs. Anderson’s letter to the editor the other day. I agree with her. Our government should not create jobs but should create an atmosphere where small business owners feel safe to set up shop or grow their businesses.

Our area direly needs that! Those willing to work, not just take.

The issue for me comes when I just don’t understand how these candidates can possibly hope to accurately represent me or any of my friends in the district.

We don’t live in a manor ... We don’t have a side job as a consultant ... We are simply working-class people. We work hard. We love our homes and our family. We care about our schools and our emergency services. We use our free time to hold bake sales and fundraisers to just make things work. The 2nd Franklin District cares about OURSELVES because our elected officials don’t. We need someone that acts and feels like we do if we are going to have them represent us.

Then, just this week, we received a postcard from Susannah Whipps Lee’s campaign. The card had her resume on it. I was impressed. To me, previous results speak more than promises. Susannah creates jobs. She has been doing that since she owned the New Salem Restaurant and now creates jobs on a larger scale at her family’s company. In looking at the Republican women’s websites and comparing their experience, Mrs. Anderson herself has made a strong case to vote for Mrs. Lee.

If this area is to be saved with manufacturing jobs and enterprise, then we should support someone who has the experience and skills necessary to do just that. Shouldn’t we all, as voters, strive to support the candidate who has proven successful in business?

I challenge the voters of this district to look past the pomp and circumstance of the media blitz and press releases. I challenge them to do some research, do some digging, and to get out and TALK to each other. Find out what is it WE as a district NEED — find out WHO is going to have not only the want but the ABILITY to provide that to us — and vote for that person.

For me, it is Susannah Lee.



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