Letter: Don’t buy in

$2.75 billion in taxes for What?

That’s the estimated amount of the tariff on our electric bills to pay for Kinder Morgan Corp. to pass a fracked gas pipeline through the hills of Franklin County to Eastern Mass.

It doesn’t seem right. Especially since:

Our towns are forced to compete against each other for very limited money for programs that save taxpayers money while providing renewable energy. I am thinking of the Solarize Mass program and the Green Communities grants.

Especially since:

Our state legislators are working on a bill (H4185) which threatens to limit the benefits of net metering on home solar systems. Homeowners presently can use the solar electricity they create to zero out their electricity bill or even offer it to someone else. But those incentives are threatened. Call your representative in Boston and encourage him/her not to pass H 4185. Don’t limit net metering. Stephen Kulik (617-722-2380) is vice chairman of House Ways & Means Committee, where the bill can be amended.

Then you can go to nofrackedgasinmass.org for info on stopping the pipeline. There is presently an ongoing march through affected towns. There will be a huge rally on July 30 in Boston.

Our grandchildren will either live with methane leaks and explosions and increased prices as fracked gas supply becomes limited, or they will inherit a clean, beautiful environment because we have funded solar, energy efficiency, well-sited wind, hydro power, geothermal, etc.



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