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Letter: Only one choice

Gabriel Gomez is the Republican candidate running for the U.S. Senate, but his party’s agenda will elect Ed Markey, the Democrat.

Why? Because Republicans are the Paralysis Party. It’s making an historical attempt to defeat and obstruct every bill for building for the future that Democrats and Barack Obama bring forth. In line with this, they adamantly refuse to allow the votes on an unprecedented number of high level Obama appointees. Paralysis prevails under the Capitol dome.

A Gomez Senate win would simply add another voice to this burnt earth, bitter-ender vendetta. In lock step, allowing no exceptions, GOP’ers are systematically shutting down our government.

Bills for gun control; big bank reform; attacking the college student debt debacle; additional funding for our public schools and much, much more ... go nowhere.

Do we need now one more Senate Republican to contribute his No’s to this train wreck?

Gabriel Gomez’s Democratic opponent for John Kerry’s former U.S. Senate seat, Ed Markey, on the other hand, has always set his sights on the rebuilding of the middle class, on the renewal of the American spirit of enterprise, and on a government that gets things done.

Your vote in the statewide Senate election on Tuesday, June 25, can be for a Democratic constructive agenda ... not paralysis.

What other choice is there?



I would agree that the Republican party needs more than a little help these days, however, to say "obstruct every bill for building for the future that Democrats and Barack Obama...." is laughable, trying to stop bad legislation that the tax payer cant afford, to try to restore freedom of choice in healthcare, to stop amnesty for illegals, and all the rest of the high cost , zero return blizzard of legislation is hardly the stuff train wrecks are made of. I for one, and tired of paying more and getting less, this seems to be the only goal of the democratic party.

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