Future security for our country

Here on some thoughts on an energy bill and Homeland Security

This energy bill has a twofold purpose and it’s just what America needs. We have oil in our strategic reserves so we don’t have to buy anything just yet. First, we refurbish old gas stations (like the old Dairy Mart on Silver and Federal streets in Greenfield). And as we’re doing this, we build two refineries — one for renewable energy like corn and the like to blend with gasoline.

America now uses about 71∕2 billion barrels of oil a year. If we sell ourselves our own gas, say a billion to 11∕2 billion barrels worth a year, we could use the money to fix our bridges, roads, schools with a gas station in every town.

I’m sure people would buy from America’s Energy Program. We could put solar panels on every school, post office, town hall, etc.

Do you see where this is going? With the profits — plus protection in case of a disaster, natural or otherwise — we would have the resources to do the things that need desperately to be done. Rather than having just oil in reserves, we’ll have gasoline at our disposal. We’ll have the energy for the people who need it most.

Just look at our most recent disaster, Hurricane Sandy.

Now this is at least a 10-year plan. Without our roads and bridges we won’t be able to transport anything. We’ll be vulnerable. This is everything to do with national security at home and this is a way to pay for it without borrowing any money. Plus, we’ll be putting people back to work after we use some of our oil reserves.

Say if we need the National Guard — we’ll have energy (gas) already in place. So wherever we need our national defenses, we can get over the bridges all across this beautiful country. I know I would feel safer. That’s Homeland Security. So the president need not go through Congress. That’s part of my energy bill. There’s so much we can do if we work together.

School security equals Homeland Security. Every school will have a security guard, every school should have a greenhouse, an orchard of fruit trees. So much emphasis is put on sports — football, field, track fields, baseball fields, etc. How would our children feel about planting and growing say an apple tree, blueberry patch, strawberry, etc? And with a greenhouse — tomatoes year round. The children would, we all would, benefit from better diets. And it’ll teach the children about self-sustainability. I can only imagine the pride the children would feel about having a piece of fruit that he/she helped grow. Plus we could share with other schools and food pantries wherever possible.

What do you think America? If you like my energy bill, please tell Congress, the Senate, our governor. Right on up to the president.

I think of John F. Kennedy when I ask what could I do for my country. Two years ago, our president, Barack Obama asked for any ideas. I’m telling all you 99 percent. I’m 100 percent sure this is a step in the right direction.

Jeffrey Kenney lives in Turners Falls.

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