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Think of what those in government power can inflict by law on everyday citizens. Do you feel a twinge of uneasiness about being forced to buy health insurance and that big government will fine you if you don’t comply? One thinks of what may come next. If one is fined for not obeying this law, will one be fined like the Chinese people for having more than one child?

If laws are passed by government about personal sexual life, including abortion, contraceptives, sterilization and fertilization, then besides already governing your little corner of one’s poor little acre, it then owns your life in a degree of consequence that will purple your soul forever. Government should stay out of people’s sex life altogether. When laws are made, they are very difficult to change i.e. (Roe v. Wade). If you feel that you are under the paws of bad government, then now is the time to redress your budget and your elected officials.


Shelburne Falls

I note that your second paragraph is a pro-choice argument. You are, of course, free to advocate for the anti-choice cause, or the pro-choice cause, but not both simultaneously.

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