Letter: Franklin lore

I read a book about Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790). He helped write the Declaration of Independence (1776) and the USA Constitution (1787). He was a statesman, scientist and inventor.

Benjamin asked his friend to join him for lunch at the pub. In the 1700s, fish and game was plentiful. At this time there were about 500,000 colonists in North America. One could go out into the ocean and catch a 25-pound lobster.

They left for the pub with Ben’s horse and carriage. Upon arriving, the pub was full. There was no place to sit.

“Let’s go somewhere else, Ben?”


Benjamin asked the barkeep: “How much is a pail of oysters?” “A penny” was the reply. “Give my horse a pail of oysters. He likes oysters.”

Well, of course, everyone left to watch the horse eat the oysters.

“Now there is plenty of room for us to sit down and eat lunch,” said Benjamin Franklin.



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