Editorial: Fair time!

Celebrate, fans of the Franklin County Fair, your time has arrived.

Starting this evening with the parade through downtown Greenfield, this annual salute to the county, its history and its residents gets under way. Over the course of four days and nights, those walking through the gates of the fairgrounds off Petty Plain will get a chance to sample many slices of life.

How many chances? Well, if we’re using this year’s theme for the fair as a guide, then we’d say that there are 165 reasons to visit in the Franklin County Fair.

That figure of 165 isn’t just an arbitrary number — it’s based in the years the fair has been part of the county’s fabric. One can argue that such an event doesn’t remain popular for all these years without providing all sorts of people with enjoyment.

We’re not going to try to provide all 165 reasons since there are undoubtedly some that we can’t even begin to imagine. But we’ll be willing to name a couple that are likely to be on just about anybody’s list.

Let’s begin with the Roundhouse. Talk about slices of agricultural heritage! Here’s where you’ll find the many connections between the fair and the county’s residents in the projects your friends, neighbors, coworkers and family members have been working on in anticipation of this year’s fair.

It may have been growing corn or sunflowers, the creation of a quilt or wreath, the canning of peaches or beans or a painting or photograph. And it’s not just adults who are using the fair to show off their handiwork, it’s young people, too, who’ve entered a piece of clothing or will show their developing skill in handling sheep or dairy cattle or in baking a loaf of bread or making a jar of jam.

And, if seeing what someone has cooked up has you wishing that you could simply dig right in, don’t worry, there are plenty of sorts of food available to satisfy your yearnings. From fried dough and fresh popcorn to more substantial fare, no one visiting the fair should leave feeling hungry or at a loss for a little taste of some treat.

If somehow you’ve gotten your fill of exhibits and/or food, there is plenty of entertainment to take in.

Of course, there’s the parade, with the floats, marching groups and band music. Up at the fair you’ll find musical acts, racing pigs, Flying High Frisbee Dogs, dancers, martial art demonstrations and, of course, the rides and games of the Midway.

And let’s not forget Sunday and the firemen’s muster.

Each performance, each turn as one walks around the fairgrounds provides a chance to be informed, entertained or simply be part of this year’s festivities ... a time that brings the past, present and future together.

Don’t miss out ... see you there!

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