Letter: On our dime

Taxpayers of the commonwealth; prepare yourselves to dig a little deeper into your pockets and gasp slightly (or not) when you do. Why ... you ask?

Well, it seems the Boston Marathon Bomber, Dzhokar Tsarnaev needs your assistance. He’s presently being very well taken care of at the Devens federal medical center in central Mass. The costs of this idiot killer’s daily care is $157.

Let’s do the math. $157 times 365 days in the year equals $57,305 per year. This terrorist — make no mistake, this bone-head IS a terrorist — deserves no such treatment. His equally tiny-brained brother received the proper end.

The feds say via plea bargaining they’ll extract relevant information from him as he recuperates. Hmmmmm. What a wonderful segue to an even more abysmal revelation.

The state of Massachusetts assigned a public defender “team” for the defense of Tsarnaev. This “team” recently received a major boost with the addition of Judy Clark, a San Diego lawyer who is very effective in avoiding death penalty sentencing in favor of life-in-prison sentencing. Surely, the prosecution “team” will be going for the death penalty for the murderer kid.

Big-buck lawyers gettin’ richer. Guess who’s paying.

Now, if pea-brain does get a life sentence, here’s what YOU can expect to pay for his time in the slammer. source:


∎ It costs about $46,000 a year to house just one inmate in Massachusetts, 56 percent more than the national average.

∎ In 2010, Massachusetts spent $514.2 million on prisons, up from $408.6 million in 2001.

∎ Massachusetts spends nearly $100 million a year on prisoner health care, nearly double the cost from 2001.

∎ Massachusetts prisons are at over 140 percent of their capacity, with many operating at more than 200% of their intended capacity, and some over 300 percent.

As of March 2011, there were 11,388 inmates in 18 facilities managed by the Department of Corrections. That number is projected to grow 26 percent — to almost 14,000 – by 2019.

Yes, Massachusetts taxpayer, dig a bit deeper to take care of the criminal. I can think of digging deeper elsewhere to alleviate overcrowded prisons and overpriced thugs!



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