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Letter: Unfortunate comment

I was dismayed at the quote from a Greenfield resident that was published regarding the recent bank robberies and the state police response in a nearby area. “They came with 10 police vehicles, dogs and assault rifles and nobody said why,” said the resident. I’m sorry that this resident was disturbed by officers with guns, apparently she didn’t take into account how these bank tellers felt in the recent robberies having a civilian put a gun in their face and demand money from them that wasn’t theirs. That’s a whole lot more personal than trained police officers with assault rifles canvassing a neighborhood who are doing their job, which is usually of a somewhat need-to-know nature. I do believe if the police were concerned with the residents’ safety, they probably would have let residents know what was going on. I think it was rather inappropriate and insensitive for The Recorder to print this quote given the nature of the article, real sorry to hear that this resident’s afternoon was disturbed, but I think we should think about these poor tellers’ mental state after being robbed at gunpoint while at work, before we have to read these thoughtless quotes.



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