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Letter: On the brain

We live at a moment of great historical transition, but we will all come through it provided we realize something all of Western “science,” as well as those heavily invested in it, never did.

Whenever this is an “economy,” or lack, of input or “income” from man’s right brain hemisphere to his left brain abstract mind, or frontal cortex, a “deficit” of consciousness, and so of human creativity occurs, which we could call the “malnutrition” of the human mind. This ultimately leads to a state of arrest in the cortex’s momentum toward the right brain’s realization of left brain cortical, or abstract, reason into emotional insight. And it is emotional, or subjective, insight, or reason realized, not reason reflectively abstracted, that is the full act of human consciousness.

Imprisoned for centuries in left brain frontal cortical abstraction, the “science” of the West remained completely psychophysiologically unconscious, utterly failing to comprehend that all its technological programs for a “perfect” world were only projections of the world imaged into the shape of its own left brain frontal cortex!

Future generations will realize all of our Western “science” simply as thought stuck inside organic influences it failed to fully realize to consciousness.

The “critical state” of all of Western civilization today is only symptomatic of a “cortical statis” in the flow of consciousness between the left and right hemispheres of the human brain.

Should Asia follow the path of the West’s frontal cortically unconscious version of “science,” it will meet the same roadblock as the West, for the future does not lie in left brain technology, or logical techniques, but in right brain analogical insight, or whole-brain realization.

Had all the “think tanks” of the West only grasped the right brain analogic of all their left brain logic, they would have caught this most colossal of errors, for all of our Western left brain abstract-reflective, or technologized “science” was simply a “seance” with the left brain frontal cortex minus actual consciousness of cortically biased thinking. And when the premise is wrong, so are all conclusions derived from it.



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