Letter: Mangling the language

Over-used words and strange things people say. During your daily routines and conversations with whomever, listen to what and how people use the English language. Or, may I say, misuse it.

DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN: Deja Vu IS all over again. Simply ... Deja Vu will suffice!

HERO: Nowadays anyone that does their job above and beyond is deemed a Hero. True Heroes perform extraordinary and unexpected feats without regard for their personal well-being.

I MYSELF, HE HIMSELF, SHE HERSELF, YOU YOURSELF ... I, HE, SHE or YOU will do nicely ... thank you.

IRONIC: There IS a difference between an irony and a coincidence ... look up the definition before use.

MIRACLE: Please ... jumpin’ up three-steps on a pogo-stick is not miraculous.

PRE, (i.e. before): Pre-register, Pre-design, Pre-drill, Pre-order ... I do believe you’ll get the message. If I Pre-register, when do I register? Why not just register, design, drill or order! I’m waitin’ to hear ... Pre-die! The Funeral Direction industry would welcome this one!

QUOTE-UNQUOTE: Another Please ... what is this? A quoted word, sentence or term, is mentioned to reflect what someone has already said or to cite a particular endeavor or action. This “quote-unquote” vernacular inserted into a sentence for no apparent reason really doesn’t make a lot of sense unless properly used ... save your breath.

RIGHTS: There are certain Inalienable Rights in the U. S. Constitution. “I have a Right to be here” or “I have a Right to smoke” is not among them. Most of the superfluous “Rights” people evoke are merely, at best, opportunities ... think about it!

I’m sure there’s an abundance of others ... I myself couldn’t think of them all ... ooops!



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