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Letter: See through tricks

I am writing to support the thoughtful comments of Tom Tolg in his letter about “Cocainegate,” aptly named by reporter Richie Davis. Tom said that reports that Denise Andrews had referred a rumor to the Athol Police Department should not be held against her and I heartily agree.

The origin of the rumors has yet to be pinpointed. But the disturbing impression given by the facts released so far is that Ms. Andrews fell into a trap constructed by others.

All voters should reject the tactics of Ms. Andrews’ opponents and the tone they suggest for the race. Many young voters in this election may not remember Watergate, but this major event in our history is certainly referenced by Mr. Davis’ thought provoking headline. In June of 1972, the Democratic National Headquarters in the Watergate Hotel in Washington were broken into by burglars hired by the Republicans to steal information. This coined the euphemism “dirty tricks,” and now dirty tricks have become a common tactic in our elections.

In this race, opponents of Ms. Andrews have tried to shift the debate from the issues to bogus insinuations about her character. She may not be a consummate politician, but that is not a requirement for office. She is an honest person and a hard worker for her constituents.

In the U.S. Senate race, our current senator has pursued a character attack on Elizabeth Warren based on flimsy evidence, and has condoned racist behavior by his staff against Native Americans to fan the flames. These are more dirty tricks

I trust the voters to see through the tricks and vote for the people who they know will honestly represent them.


Chair, Wendell Democratic Committee

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