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Letter: Repeal this vote!

As a Northfield property owner, our household is now responsible for the cost of another 79 cents per $1,000 of tax valuation due to the July 8 school budget override vote. This is not a temporary tax, but a permanent tax that will be included in all my future tax evaluations.

I was looking back at what my taxes were 10 years ago and trying to project what will they be 10 years from now. It is unacceptable!

There are many residents in the town with limited financial resources.

I can’t believe how much this will hurt their families. How many are on fixed incomes, already making hard choices? Northfield has a food pantry for a reason.

The sandwich board signs the previous town clerk set up in front of the Town Hall on Main Street provided valuable information for residents for many years. The date for voting was always advertised seven to 14 days in advance. The new town clerk put the sign out advertising the vote less than 24 hours before voting started.

Public awareness was never a problem before, but it was this time.

Weeks prior to the vote, school officials sent multiple emails to the parents encouraging them to vote and informing them of the implications on their budget.

Is your income increasing as fast as your taxes are? It’s time for Northfield to say enough is enough! If families have to tighten their belts, so should the school.

This vote should be repealed!



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