Letter: Why no rifle range?

Why no rifle range?

I have very fond memories of Camp Apex and Paul Seamans. Although the camp offered many activities, the rifle range was my favorite. Frankly, I was surprised to read that it is no longer used.

About eight years ago, I wrote a letter to Mr. Seamans. Here is a portion of the letter:

“Almost every time I pick up a rifle or pistol, I think of you. Although I didn’t begin hunting until later in life, I learned a deep respect for gun safety at a very early age. I’m not sure of the year, sometime in the mid-1960s, but I am sure of the place, Camp Apex.

“I remember loving the rifle range, saving a nickel for each five-shot round and hoping I’d memorized all the rules. We knew there was no compromise; follow the rules or leave the range.

“You commanded respect and the message was loud and clear, even to a group of pre-teens. I wanted you to know that it had a lasting effect on me.”

We had to earn the right to shoot and that required learning gun safety first. A valuable lesson for a youngster and one which should be offered today.


Bedford, N.H.

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