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Letter: Too expensive

To the voters of Whately: On June 10, you are voting a $3.9 million debt exclusion to add to and renovate the Town Hall.

With the proposed design, we still have a building with major components over 150 years old, well past their expected lifespan.

Siding, slate roof and windows are only being repaired and will continued to need repairs and painting every 5 to 7 years. The nails holding these together are as old and will fail.

There are issues with the cost estimates: Experts said there IS lead, asbestos, PCBs in ballasts and mouse and bat droppings — but no hazmat budget for removal.

An interior door with trim is priced at $1,835 each — same door retail price is $473.

Parking spaces were at 25 in 2013 and now only 12 spaces are planned?

On April 16, we were assured working fire sprinklers were included — April 29 at town meeting, it was stated the system would be installed BUT NOT HOOKED UP TO WATER? So in two years will we be asked to spend $200,000 to connect it? Will insurance be available.

The CPA money is TAX money. Using it for this takes away from other needs in town.

Palmer just built a brick police station, equipped with new everything (computers, desks, back-up generators, bulletproof glass areas, radio systems, etc.) for $322 per square foot with over 50 parking spaces. Based on actual costs there, this project (in Whately) is out of line even with higher renovation costs.

Cost effective alternatives to this proposal are possible.

Possible lawsuit and ADA accessibility as reasoning for this project is wrong since an elevator to make it compliant is only $180,000 per estimates.

The $3.9 million is TOO HIGH and not all-inclusive. Take the time to vote NO on Question One. Vote 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Town Hall.


JOHN ZEWINSKI (Finance Committee)

ROBERT FYDENKEVEZ (Finance Committee)


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