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Letter: Bridge the gap

A message for my neighbor Ken, an attempt at civil debate.

We live in the shadow of the same mountain, yet it seems politically we are worlds apart. I’ll try to bridge that gap.

A little American History 101. Whether you like it or not, a civilian is in charge. Does Obama care about our troops? How many has he put in harm’s way? How many has he ordered home? Do you blame Reagan for the attack on the USS Cole? Bush for 9/11? Lincoln for Gettysburg?

I’ll say it once, enough about Benghazi already! I’ll say it again!

Read your Bible! (In my army, that is an order soldier! And when you’re done with that, check out the Koran, Plato, the Tao, Confuscius, the U.S. Constitution, “Look Homeward Angel” and 10,000 other books). We’ve been instructed to care for the poor, the weak, the widow, the orphan and the stranger. Yes, that’s right, the Lord God orders us to show love even to the aliens in our midst. Our Father’s House has many mansions! Surely we are prosperous enough to share!

In the temple of your heart is the strength to cast out fear and hate. Buck up, man! You’ll be OK! So will we!

You write well, I’ll give you that. Peace, bro.



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