Letter: Support veterans equally

I’m writing on behalf of veterans of the unpopular Vietnam War and the “police action” in Korea. Many military people, including myself, have suffered disabling injuries in these actions. These injuries including loss of limbs, debilitating head injuries and post traumatic stress disorder, have affected people who were fathers, brothers, sons, wives, mothers, daughters, who were performing their patriotic duties on foreign soils.

My concern is that there are many programs such as complimentary event tickets, programs to make houses available for veterans, special outdoor opportunities, which are being offered solely to veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. In contrast, these programs do not offer the same opportunities to veterans of the Korean and Vietnam conflicts.

I want to make it very clear that I am in no way begrudging the recipients of these programs; they have earned these benefits through their suffering in defense and support of our country. My concern is Korean and Vietnam veterans who have made the same sacrifices and are not offered the same opportunities or similar in equality at VA facilities.

What I am asking for is a review of these policies in terms of equality and availability for veterans of all military actions with a special effort to be more inclusive of veterans from Korea and Vietnam eras.

In conclusion, I would ask all Americans to reflect on the sacrifices of our military personnel during military operations whether they be in widely supportive actions or controversial actions or undeclared “wars” such as Korea and lend their voices to support all our veterans equally.



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