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Letter: Reminds me of Hitler

For those of us who remember the rise of Hitler during the 1930s, we can see a likeness to what is going on in our country today and are worried that our country will suffer the same result. It appears that little by little our government is chipping away at our freedom. First and foremast is the spying into our daily lives by monitoring our telephone and emails. By bending the Constitution article that there will no intrusion into personal lives, our government has monitored most of the communications of our population under the guise of it being needed to secure national security.

Hitler’s propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, started to do the same by intruding into the German population with the help of the Gestapo. The Democrats, during the last two elections, played big brother to the younger population who do not know how are country was before.

By probing into the emails of the news media, our government is censoring where they are getting their news from which was what happened in Germany during Hitler’s reign. The only news that the Germans got was what Goebbells dictated. They printed their own newspaper which was full of propaganda. It seems as if all nations, under this type of leadership, can keep their population under control.

How do we who witnessed what was going on in the world before TV and computers you ask. The only picture news we had at that time was what was called “Movie-tone News,” which was shown before the regular movie picture was shown. Before TV was invented, most everybody got their entertainment by going to the movies which was very inexpensive. This news, shown before the matinee movie, was played so even the younger population could see what was going on around the world as well in our country.

I remember hearing a while back what our present government would do if it wasn’t specified directly in our Constitution.

With all of the of those departments watching over our shoulders, snooping into our private lives, it took the person responsible for the security leaks to come forward and tell the world he was responsible. So much for spending millions of our dollars in a futile endeavor.



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