Letter: Unseen health hazard

Viewed from the neighbor’s yard, overhead towers of electricity can be intrusive as they sweep across the sky; but behind this veil lurks the spread of radiation to those who live in a radius of its sweeping rays.

To place a cell tower or a power line in the midst of a populated area has a powerful effect on living creatures. Not many realize the actual health hazard that is smeared by the existence of these powerful structures. The crashing impact of its radiation affects humans, cattle and vegetation.

Who profits by these whirlpools of radiation? Certainly not the neighboring citizens. What is so startlingly evident is that those who plan to profit by allowing these chaotic structures do not realize the damage to themselves as well as their possessions. For a few outside observers, it may not seem important, but for those more knowledgeable, its construction is seen as lowering the value of their property and a probable health hazard. Perhaps a different positioning in an area less objectionable may be the compromising solution.


Shelburne Falls

P.S. these commercial gas pipelines will carry Marcellus gas, known to be radioactive, and folks living near the compressor stations will be breathing things like benzene, neurotoxins . . . all to ship gas abroad and up prices . . . using the power grid to do it.

Well, just wait . . . now they want to put a high pressure, high volume commercial gas line right along side those lines all across the top of Massachusetts- snaking through our aquifers. Now, I don't know about you but putting that much explosive gas near direct transmission power cables seems like a stupid idea. And when you consider how little oversight of pipelines there is- and we're to have even less since cutbacks are reducing inspectors, you have to wonder if Northeast Utilities hates the folks who pay taxes on their power lines. Years of subsidizing their enterprise through property taxes- and for thanks this is what they plot to do. Investment companies only care about their pockets: not people. The WMECO folks, who actually work here are going to have to work in these areas where odorless gas could be present. You could walk into a cloud of it and asphyxiate and not even know it. And a leak could hit the high voltage wires. They are putting this right next to people's homes, and folks will lose their property values, and the peace of living in safety.

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