Letter: On the horizon

A new potentially bruising controversy is now on our local horizon. It surely will be drawn out and result in much hard feeling. Vital supply via pipeline. Competing in the world market means resources need be affordable in the big scheme of things. Presently oil from eastern nations is the pawn in the global game. U.S. is smarting as a result. We can compete and to compete means enhancing our good standard of living.

To relearn what is possible and real, I respectfully suggest that people Google any site under the caption of the “big-inch” pipe done in 1942 when real survival was paramount. Can’t dig NE geology? Ruin earth and fauna? Unaffordable? Unsafe? Subject to unfair profits? This is stuff to work through if we believe in the U.S.A.

Speaking as a lad in awe of the big brothers who went to the line and the home front heroes also, I suggest it’s time to “buckle on our armor.”



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