Quick response averts hay truck fire in Northfield

NORTHFIELD — Prompt reporting and quick response kept an overheated tire well on a parked hay truck from turning into an inferno.

On Wednesday morning, a passerby noticed smoke forming around the tire wheel of a parked, dual-axle trailer truck loaded with hay. The tire on the driver’s side rear appeared to be flat. Northfield and Erving police were called and they came to the 400 block of Route 63/Millers Falls Road, where the heat build-up around the tire well had started causing the hay to smolder. According to Northfield Police Sgt. John Richardson, the Northfield Fire Department responded with two fire engines, removed the smoldering hay and doused it with water.

The firefighters were unloading several hay bails when the elderly farmer returned to the truck, with mechanics to change the tire.

“It appears he was unaware of the fire hazard and had gone in search of a spare tire,” said Richardson.

There was no damage to the trailer or the truck; after the fire department had left, police helped the farmer load the hay back into the trailer.

“Credit goes to the unknown passerby and the quick response of the Northfield Fire Department,” Richardson said.

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