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Gas Pipeline

Deerfield says ‘no’ to gas pipeline

SOUTH DEERFIELD — Deerfield became the first Franklin County town to officially take a stand against the proposed Tennessee Gas pipeline that would cut through nine area towns, at Monday’s town meeting.

By an overwhelming majority, the town voted to ask the Board of Selectmen to refuse the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. and parent company Kinder Morgan, who proposed the Northeast Expansion Project pipeline, access to town land.

“There is no telling how much damage this could inflict,” said Lisa Turowski of Deerfield, who made the motion.

Turowski moved back to Deerfield six months ago after 13 years in New Jersey. When she learned of the pipeline project, she joined neighbors to fight it.

“I love it here. It breaks my heart to know that something totally unnecessary could take place,” Turowski said.

The proposed pipeline would cut through Ashfield, Conway, Shelburne, Deerfield, Montague, Erving, Northfield, Warwick and Orange in Franklin County along the 179-mile route between Wright, N.Y., and Dracut.

The project is at an early stage, Kinder Morgan Public Affairs Director Allen Fore recently stated at a Montague public meeting.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission would have to give permission to the project, likely in 2017.

Selectman Carolyn Ness doubted whether the townspeople could stop the project. Ness suggested concentrating the town’s efforts on moving the project along Interstate 90, the Mass Pike.

“I don’t know if we can really fight it,” Ness said.

Resident Jane Trigere said moving the project to Interstate 90 could be the town’s best bet at protecting its natural resources and archaeological artifacts.

“We have more at stake here,” said Trigere of South Deerfield. “We have to protect our Deerfield assets, which are in fact under the ground.”

The project brought up memories of the 1988 Berkshire Gas project in Deerfield for Julie Cavacco of South Deerfield.

“The thing that struck me was that the company does not care what is best for Deerfield. They care about what is best for their shareholders and their bottom line,” said Cavacco.

Several Franklin County residents are drafting letters and resolutions against the project for their towns to vote on at town meetings.

So far, the Athol Conservation Commission has voted to rescind permission for Kinder Morgan surveyors to access a town-owned conservation parcel called the Neale Conservation Area in the northeastern part of town.

A website has also been created to network and keep track of the project:


“It may have never happened before that FERC hasn’t gotten its way,” Turowski said. “It doesn’t mean it can’t happen this time.”

Recorder reporter Richie Davis contributed to this report.

You can reach Kathleen McKiernan at: kmckiernan@recorder.com or 413-772-0261 ext. 268 on Twitter follow: @RecorderKatMcK

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