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Letter: Shoddy work

Shoddy Work No. 1: Whoever did the concrete deck of the General Franklin Pierce Bridge (connects Montague and East Greenfield) did shoddy work. Anyone who drives on it better have good shocks. The decking has more waves than the Atlantic Ocean. The Gill-Montague Bridge will open soon and heavy truck traffic on that bridge and others will increase. I ask the DOT and Montague and Greenfield officials to inspect it. If it is deemed safe and up to state specifications then there should be no concern, if not, immediate repairs are required.

Shoddy Work No. 2: No need to go to Six Flags Theme Park for a coaster ride. Traveling in the right lane of the recently done sewer work on Millers Falls Road and you will get the same thrill. The road and the job itself is another example of shoddy work. Who is responsible for this? “Not I,” said the contractor. “Not I,” said the surveyor. “Not I,” said the engineer. “Not I,” said the overseer. So who is responsible for this shoddy work? You got it, none of the above. It is the taxpayer. The taxpayer does the electing and the elected dole out the contractors. Ultimately, it is the taxpayer who is responsible for his sibling’s mistakes. I assume there will be a rebuttal solution — no matter where the funds come from: the government, state, or local, it is the taxpayer directly or indirectly who pays for shoddy work. There are no freebies.


Millers Falls

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