Letter: Call to action

In late April, the Leverett Town Meeting voted to abolish the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and to demand that Entergy expand the emergency evacuation zone from 10 to 50 miles from the troubled Vermont Yankee nuclear plant. The warrant article addressing the NRC stated in part, “The citizens of Leverett, Massachusetts feel an urgent need to protect our beloved land and culture from the clear and present danger of nuclear annihilation. Given the past callous disregard for public safety we hereby express our lack of faith in the existing Nuclear Regulatory Commission to protect us from nuclear accident.”

A friendly amendment to the warrant article addressed the issue of Vermont Yankee’s 10-mile evacuation zone in the event of a nuclear accident or terrorist attack upon the plant. It read, “Given our immediate proximity to Vermont Yankee, a facsimile reactor to Fukushima, whose radiation plume spread much more than 50 miles to Tokyo (in the wake of the Fukushima, Japan multiple meltdown), we require for our citizen and school safety a more effective plan. Therefore we demand that the Entergy corporation expand from 10 to 50 miles the minimum radiation hazard zone.”

Both the warrant article and its amendment called for action. “We direct the Town Clerk to send this official act of our Town Meeting to the NRC, Entergy, Federal judges, our governor, our representatives in Congress and the media. ... We urge our congressional representatives to represent our interests by introducing a bill into Congress to eliminate the NRC and assign its regulatory role to a different agency.” With limited debate the warrant article passed overwhelmingly. Since local media did not cover this we would like to take this opportunity to share the information.






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