‘After today, we are students of the world’

Four Rivers graduates 31

Recorder/David Rainville
Noah Hellmund, of Buckland, reflects on his time at Four Rivers Charter Public School, at Saturday's graduation.

Recorder/David Rainville Noah Hellmund, of Buckland, reflects on his time at Four Rivers Charter Public School, at Saturday's graduation.

GREENFIELD — Though family and friends of the Four Rivers Charter Public School graduates may have come to Saturday’s ceremony knowing just one or two of the class of 2013, they left knowing all 31 graduates.

“None of us are special, but each of us is unique,” said Noah Hellmund in his commencement speech.

Hellmund was one of six graduates speaking that day. Some schools may bring in a professional speaker or have some successful alum or one of the school’s faculty give the farewell address, but it’s Four Rivers tradition to have the students themselves speak on their big day.

“After today, we are not Greenfield school students. After today, we are not students of a school often mistaken for a farm,” Hellmund continued. “After today, we are students of the world.”

“Though we are here today to celebrate, it also comes with doubt,” said graduate Samuel Sol. “But that doubt is balanced on a glimmer of hope.”

“Right until the last mile to cross the bridge, we sweat and breathe heavily, no matter what shape we’re in,” said Garrett Gamache, reflecting on the sprint to the end of senior year. “Today, we pass the tollbooth at the end of that bridge, hoping that we didn’t forget our wallets.”

It wasn’t a race, he said, but a team effort, marching toward graduation as a class.

“We are a charismatic community, knowing that we do greater on behalf of the whole than as individuals out for ourselves,” said Jamila Roth. “Four Rivers has instilled in each of us the capacity for self reflection, understanding, and respect for sustainability and a cornucopia of experiences together.”

It wasn’t always easy for the Class of 2013 but, together, they made it.

“At times, I almost failed, but I never became a lost cause,” said Levi Howard. “My teachers understood me, and they always saw the best in me.”

“Several times, I’d forget I had an army of teachers and faculty there to push me ahead,” said Kyle Sweeney. “But my six years here has taught me that I’m a leader, a student, a friend, but most importantly, that I am Kyle Sweeney, and I have a lot more work to do.”

“I wouldn’t say my time here has made me who I am,” said Benjamin Garbus. “Rather, I’d say it’s made me make myself. Four Rivers is where I grew up; it’s where I became who I am.”

Though their time together is at an end, the graduates look forward to their future endeavors.

“My desire, and I feel the other 30 of you would agree, to do something in this world, is a burning one,” said Brian Wendell.

Once they’d finished, the senior class advisors took to the podium, sharing stories of each and every student, giving some insight into just who these young men and women were, are, and will become.


Laura Rose Campbell, Wells Scholarship; Winston F Galt, Festival of the Hills Scholarship; Esther Hoch Glovacki, Wells Scholarship, GCTV Media Award; Noah Cawood Hellmund, Christian Science Founders Scholarship; Richard Anthony King, Warwick Community Scholarship, Mary Stuart Rogers Foundation Scholarship; Forest Arlo McBarry, Greenfield Bar Association Scholarship; Thomas Clayton Perham, Wells Scholarship; Samuel River Sol, Wells Scholarship; Brian Wendel, Festival of the Hills Scholarship.


Paul Robert Bellino, Alysha Jade Boynton, Laura Rose Campbell, Tristen Elizabeth Conolly, Sarah Margaret Devine, Mario John DiPaolo, Zachary Chapman Elliott, Winston F Galt, Garrett Falcon Gamache, Benjamin Robbins Garbus, Shannon Elizabeth Gilcreast, Esther Hoch Glovacki, Mikayla Marie Goodwin, Emilia Joy Gregory, Noah Cawood Hellmund, Levi Samuel Howard, Richard Anthony King, Isaac Allen Marsh, Forest Arlo McBarry, Thomas Clayton Perham, Brittney Marie Richotte, Jamila Sara Roth, Eula Cynthia Sagan, Jessica Ann Scibelli, Devin William Snell, Samuel River Sol, Kyle James Sweeney, Alexander George Thacker, Margaret Jean Walton, Brian Wendel, Maggie Louise Mitchell White.

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