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Letter: Depends upon perspective

The earth may be warming up.

Is it a trend coinciding with increased CO2 emissions?

Or is it natural?

How do you think the earth got itself into then out of the last ice age roughly 20,000 years ago.

Blaming every weather event on “global- warming” is not going to get us anywhere.

Please indulge me to offer some facts;

Both the Arctic and Antarctic sea ice levels are increasing, after an overall low in 2007 (see charts)

One wildfire in Southern California, Colorado or a single volcanic eruption spews tons of chemicals and CO2 into the atmosphere. Far outpacing and overwhelming any global collective or single conservation effort.

Do we need to recycle? Yes, but let’s be realistic.

Only 1 percent of oil is used to generate electric power, 90 percent of our energy is obtained from fossil fuels and nuclear (see percentage is not going to change for very long time, a generation, maybe two. We all have a greater chance of dying from influenza, pneumonia or a household accident than from any effects of global warming.

Let’s be real and keep things in perspective.



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