Letter: Let it go

Why not let that old bank building go? A recent Recorder article talked about the CDC wanting to unload that thing so Greenfield could take it over. What in the world for? The best thing for that old building would have been to demolish it and use the space as a nice gateway from parking to Main Street similar to the pathway next to the Shea Theater in Turners. Instead, the town has spent millions in much-needed Community Development Grant money (taxes) on that eyesore and doesn’t need to spend more for the sake of someone’s pipedream. Can’t blame the owners of the Garden for dashing the idea of a performing arts center after the CDC wanted them to carry most of the financial liability for it. Just think of the nice things Jordi Herold is doing downtown. I don’t think he would touch it because he probably knows it would be a bad financial decision. In the days of lots of free cash it sounded like a good idea to preserve the building but the way the taxpayers are strapped now, who wants to pay for it? Just let the CDC deal with it and don’t dump any more tax money into it.


Turners Falls

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