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Letter: ‘Feel-good’ gun laws

So we have another big-shot telling us we need more “feel-good” gun laws that won’t affect anyone but those who already abide by the law. I didn’t bother to read up on this one, I don’t need to. I am sure it promises to fix everything and no one will get shot again, except by those who don’t abide by the law, like criminals. I have no doubt it is filled with vague statements like all the other VOLUMES of Massachusetts gun laws that require a team of lawyers to make sense of. I do have some questions: What are the suitability standards? If the interviewing officer simply doesn’t like you, is that enough to deny a license to carry? What constitutes mental health? Will someone treated for depression back in ’89 not be able to get an LTC? And what are all these “loopholes” I keep hearing about? Politicians yap about them but never explain them.

I have bought many firearms over a 25-year period and never once have I found a loophole; every sale is preceded by a call to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) with all of your vital info, you are accepted or declined, no wink, no secret handshake, and all sense of humor goes out of the seller when on the phone with the ATF (that’s a federal agency so don’t think we are cut off from the BIG database). Perhaps the powers that be could worry about enforcing the complex laws we already have instead of adding more, and focus on the criminal instead of the lawful citizen. Innocent until proven guilty is how I understand it.



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