Letter: Never assume

While watching the candidates’ forum for Town Council on GCTV last night, I noticed that many vocally support Mayor Martin’s initiatives, and that those who are already serving appear to be very knowledgeable about the topics raised, whereas some of those who are contending made assumptions. If they are making assumptions now, will they continue to do so if elected? Take the comment by Issac Mass about the effect on Wilson’s and Foster’s in regard to a plastic bag ban. Has he actually talked to them about this? A big box store would have a far more negative impact on their businesses than the elimination of plastic bags.

From what I understand of the duties of the Town Council, they have no real control over decisions made about public safety funding (police and fire, etc.), drug abuse, economic development (i.e., jobs) or poverty, some of the issues raised at this forum. If these duties lie within the purview of the mayor, then perhaps this is the seat those running for office should pursue.

One of the candidates remarked that the Town Council is open, transparent, courteous and respectful in their presentations to the public and in the decision making process. At least one of the contenders implied that coming so easily to unanimity, as a group, is a weakness. Contention for the sake of contention does not improve consensus.

Tom DeHoyos’ comment pertaining to Steve Ronhave’s house sale sounded uncharitable. People sell their houses for a number of reasons. Perhaps the Ronhave family needs to downsize. It really has nothing to do with the candidacy.

I hope voters will come out in droves and fulfill their civic duty. We are fortunate to have the opportunity and freedom to do so.



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