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Romney’s base

Mother Jones, bless her heart, has just enlightened the masses, live and in living color, just what the Republican standard bearer Mitt Romney thinks about 47 percent of his fellow Americans.

For Mr. Romney, the good news is about 33 percent of those 47 percent are voting for him. The bad news is that Mr. Romney just created a climate which very well may result in a landslide election against him and his beloved Republican Party.

This is fine, Republicans have not been playing nicely and really need a timeout anyway.

The Fox News and Clear Channel radio network’s pundits are saying the remarks were off-the-cuff, inarticulate ... blah, blah, blah! But ex-governor Romney was very eloquent and very at ease. These $50,000 a plate folks, are his base. Mr. Romney was preaching to the choir, throwing the red meat to the lions; giving his guests their $50,000 worth.

During the video, Mitt Romney says he will “never be able to convince the 47% to take responsibility for their lives.” Spoken like a true leader! Anyway, Mitt, you underestimate yourself. From what I have seen as a volunteer for the Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren campaigns, you have convinced a lot of people to take responsibility for their lives already.


South Deerfield

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