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Letter: Leadership limits

In his Feb. 3 column, editor Tim Blagg argues for term limits for legislators. I think that’s a bad idea; long-term legislators usually get to be that way because their constituents approve of their performance. John Olver was my congressman for many years and I was happy to see him continue in Congress until redistricting compelled his retirement. Term limits are fundamentally anti-democratic since they deprive the people of the power to choose the legislators they want.

But what would be an excellent idea would be term limits for the legislative leadership at both the state and federal level. Committee chairs and legislative leaders exercise great power, but they are not popularly elected. I may be able to choose my state representative, but I have little influence over the choice of Speaker of the House or majority leader of the Senate. Term limits would go far in eliminating the arbitrary rule of these politicians, who are known for rewarding their supporters, punishing anyone who defies their rule, and using their power to perpetuate their control.



Tom, The leaders are voted by your rep. to the leadership position. Term limits is a very good idea. I think the longer someone serves they forget how the rest of the voters live. They get big money to be reelected by corps and pacs. Maybe we should go back to unpaid representation for the good of the country.

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