Letter: The Hero or the Villain?

Certainly one of the best articles I have read recently on a tragic mistake that was made 66 years ago, is one by Rashid Khalidim entitled “Collective Punishment in Gaza.”

He makes the argument that the Palestinians have suffered almost unspeakable horrors (for the creation of the state of Israel) beginning in 1948 with the theft of their land and homes.

How could a world stand by and watch for the last 66 years one people destroys the culture and history of another without doing anything to stop it? This goes, I think, to the inability of humanity to see the truth of it and for one to be allowed to serve its own interests over another with levels of brutality that a civilized world would not allow. Yet they call themselves advanced nations?

As Ghandi is quoted as having said when asked what he thought of western civilization he replied: “I think it would be good idea, but I don’t see any civilization, at all.”

And it continues year after year, decade after decade!

And the advanced nations stand by and often times even support the ones committing the crime.

Those that support this, I think, should ask themselves this: if this was another nation, would you stand by and watch? Why, in case of the Palestinian Arabs, is it OK in your eyes for them to be occupied for over six decades? Wave your flags high on the next patriotic holiday, but for your own good, please do a little thinking about what it is you are waving it for. Ask yourself what the real reason for the 9/11 attacks was. At the core of it was this! ... your government’s continued support of Israel’s theft and occupation of Palestine.

Think of the Palestinians, whose lands and homes were taken to try and right wrong that they had nothing to do with. A terrible crime that was not committed by them but those who now support the oppressors (the European leaders, specifically Germany).

And a people who like to think of themselves as “exceptional” allow this?

Or perhaps you are just a little to busy to bother wrapped up in your lives while a people your government strongly supports continue to run over another, over and over!

Go ahead, look, look real hard, I dare you! In fact, I challenge you, too. Look and see the terrible consequences for one people of the decision of the Europeans to throw their problems on another.

The refuge camps, as they call them in Palestine, resemble the Indian reservations here in some respects.

Think about that one.

Western Europeans at it again, in that one could say that the strategy that the Israelis are using is one they copied and is tried and true in its effectiveness. Tragic for those on the receiving end, for they end up losing their lives, their homes and their culture.

All it comes to is the strong over the weak. The ability of the strong to impose their will on the weak.

Ask an American Indian if he or she sees the relationship.

Go westward young man was the cry 150 years ago and it carried the same underlying genocidal mindset in which the slaughter is being justified in Palestinian today.

Indians evil, white man good.

Israelis good, Palestinian Arabs evil!

Tried and true the propaganda goes on and on, making one the villain and the other the hero.

Ask yourself this, who is winning — the hero or the villain?

The ones dying in largest numbers are the innocent woman and their children, men just trying to protect their family’s lives, people that are neither hero or villain. Just one people fighting to save their lives, and their culture, the others violently imposing their will.



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