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MCAS scores reap rewards for students

TURNERS FALLS — The following Turners Falls High School students were awarded the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship for high achievement in the latest round of Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System tests:

Shayna Aubrey, Andre Beauregard, Teagan Felton Linnell, Jessica Fuller, Sophie Letcher, Nicole Kordana, Danielle Loynd, Kolbe Martineau, Heather McKenna, Katri Mizula, Morgan Ozdarski, Tyler Richardson, Malcolm Smith, Kennethe Sroka, Hayley Westfall and Nicole Whiting.

The scholarship provides a four-year tuition waiver to state colleges and universities. To win, students must perform within the top 25 percent in their district, score in the advanced range on either the English or math portions of the MCAS and perform at the proficient or advanced level on the other.

Turners lighting, park, youth sculpture weighed

TURNERS FALLS — More light or less youth art?

The town of Montague is in the process of applying for the next round of state Community Development Block Grants.

Town Planner Walter Ramsey has proposed the replacement of Avenue A streetlights and a smaller project to create a park at the corner of Avenue A and Third Street.

Selectman Mark Fairbrother said he would prefer not to suppress four parking spaces for the park but instead spend the money on more lighting. Options raised included Peskeomskut Park in Turners Falls or downtown Millers Falls, although Ramsey warned the state prefers grants targeting one area.

Fairbrother said he would be willing to endorse the park plan if it were understood his vote was contingent on beginning the discussion around replacing the lost spaces by reclaiming what is now the Turners Falls Youth Sculpture Park on Canal Street for its original purpose, parking.

Ramsey agreed to revisit the proposal with the suggestions raised.

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