Free ‘Bed Bugs 101’ workshop set for Monday

GREENFIELD — Landlords, Board of Health members and representatives of housing authorities who don’t want the bed bugs to bite can learn more at a free workshop this Monday night.

Organized by the Franklin Regional Council of Governments, the 6 p.m. presentation at the John W. Olver Transit Center will discuss a rise in United States bed bug infestations since the 1980s.

Craig Hollingsworth, a University of Massachusetts entomologist, will present on topics like what to know about bed bugs and how they spread, how to recognize a bed bug infestation and how to eradicate them without harming human health.

The free event is sponsored by the Cooperative Public Health Service and the Western Massachusetts Public Health Association. A light supper will also be served.

To register, call 413-774-3167, ext. 100 or email

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