Abuse of positions

Monday, November 13, 2017

Town Council President Allis and Vice President Mass have proven themselves to be unfit for public office if the allegations against them, outlined in letters to Mr. Allis from Mayor Martin and Police Chief Haigh, are accurate.

If Mr. Allis and Mr. Mass abused their positions and the public trust, as the mayor and the chief have described, Mayor Martin’s characterization of their behavior as “insulting, offensive, uncivil, juvenile and unprofessional” is far too kind. (To read the mayor’s and chief’s letters to Mr. Allis, go to: bit.ly/2hjlXsQ)

Had I behaved in a similar fashion during my nearly 10 years on the council, including my term as council president, I like to think I would have had the integrity to resign from the council in shame and issue a written apology to Chief Haigh and to the voters of Greenfield.

If there is any truth to the mayor’s and the chief’s allegations, I call on Mr. Allis and Mr. Mass to resign and apologize.

Wilson Roberts